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Library & Information Science
The Department of Library and information Science was instituted under the Faculty of Arts in 2008/2009. This Department, which happened to be one of the first teaching departments in the country in this discipline, is charged with preparing high-caliber specialists in library, documentation and information science.

This department seeks to provide an outstanding academic education keeping pace with modern information technologies for the rehabilitation of manpower in the field of libraries, documentation and information science for the purposes of development.

Contributing to the development of society and providing skilled manpower in the field of libraries, documentation, and information capable of offering excellent information services in a rapidly changing knowledge society, in addition to dissemination of information awareness through doing various activities and scientific research.

Objectives :
The Department of Library and Information Science seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1 - providing educational programs of excellence in library, documentation and information science for the preparation of qualified professional staff to keep abreast of new information technologies of computers, electronic databases and the Internet.
2 - Preparation of competent researchers able to do and conduct research for the enrichment of intellectual production in the area of specialized libraries and information and can contribute to the dissemination of knowledge awareness.
3 - Development of the facilities and the establishment of laboratories needed to consolidate the process of teaching, training and research.
4 - Strengthening the relationship with the community through the provision of professional consultancy and training courses for workers in the fields of library and information in the public and private sectors.
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