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Dr. Hussien Oakasha Mohamed
Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6379562 - 084 6379569
Fax number: 084 6370025
E-mail Address: hom02@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Department of Computer Science - Faculty of 
Post Address: Fayoum - Fayoum University – Department of Computer Science - Faculty of Computers & Information P.O. Box: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc.: Computational Science - Faculty of Science - Cairo University - 1989
M.Sc.: DBMS - Faculty of Science - Cairo University - 1996
Ph.D. Object DBMS - O-V-Guericke-Universit?t Magdeburg, Germany,2000
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 1992 To 1996
Assistant Lecturer: From 1996 To 2001
Lecturer: From 2001 Untill now
Research Interests
P2P Networking & Application
Collective Intelligence
University Teaching
P2P Networking & Application
Computer Networking
Computer Architecture and Organization
Object Oriented Programming
Database Systems
OO System Analysis & Design
Management Information Systems
Software Skills
Programming Language: Java, C++, PHP, PYTHON
Database Systems: RDBM- OODBMS – NOSQL: MySQL, Oracle
Web: XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver
Networking: CISCO CCNA
Operating Systems: Windows/Dos, Unix, Linex.

List Of Publication

A. Abdel-aziz, H. Oakasha, “Mapping XML DTDs to Relational Schemas The 3rd ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA-05) ”. Cairo, Egypt, January 3-6, 2005 American University in Cairo (AUC).

  H. Oakasha, S. Conrad, G. Saake, “ Consistency Management in Object-Oriented Databases Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience”. Journal 13: 955- 985, 2001.

 H. Oakasha Constraints , “Management for Object Databases PhD Thesis Universität Magdeburg”, November 2000.

 H. Oakasha and S. Conrad and G. Saake, “Consistency Management in Object- Oriented Databases The 1st ECOOP Workshop on Object- Oriented Databases Lisbon Portugal ”, 15 June 1999.

 H. Oakasha, S. Conrad, and G. Saake, “Consistency Control in Object- Oriented databases Preprint 22, Fakultät für Informatik ”, Universität Magdeburg, 1999.

 H. Oakasha, and G. Saake, “Foundations for Integrity Independence in Relational Databases In T. Polle, Ripke, and K. - D. Schewe, editors, Fundamentals of Information Systems, chapter 10, Pages 143-165 ”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston,1999.

 H. Oakasha and G. Saake “Integrity Independence in Object- Oriented Database Systems 10thWorkshop Grundlagen von Datenbanken Konstanz", Germany, June 1998.

 H. Oakasha and G. Saake, “Compiling State Constraints Preprint 12 Fakultät für Informatik”, Universität Magdeburg, May 1998.

 H. Oakasha “Enforcing State Constraints in Relational Databases without their Specification in Update Transactions Master thesis”, Cairo University, December 1995.

In Magdeburg University and as member of ITI-DB group, I participated in the following projects:
* ModelAge (A Common Formal Model for Cooperating Intelligent Agents): ESPRIT Basic Research Working Group No. 8319 funded by the European Commission
* Federating Heterogeneous Database Systems and Local Data Management Components for Global Integrity Maintenance. Funded by the German State Sachsen- Anhalt
* FIREworks (Feature Integration in Requirements Engineering): ESPRIT Basic Research Working Group, funded by the European Commission
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