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Dr. Mostafa Thabet Mohammed Mabrouk
Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6379562 - 084 6379569
Fax number: 084 6370025
E-mail Address: mtm00@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Information Systems Section
Post Address: Fayoum University – Department of InformationSystems - Faculty of Computers & Information
POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc. Information Systems - Faculty of Computers and information - Helwan University - 2006
M.Sc. Information Systems - Faculty of Computers and information - Helwan University - 2013
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: from 2006 to 2013
Assistant Lecturer: from 2013 to 2018
Lecturer: from 2018 to now
On Rough Multi-Level large Scale Fractional programming problem
Research interests
Semantic Web, Ontology, DB, E-learning
Conceptual mapping
E Commerce
Online customization based on user behavior
During summer 2004 I attended
    Maintenance course at Helwan university under supervision of higher education ministry
During summer 2005 I attended
    Data Base Management Course Using Oracle 10g At Cairo University
    Web Development Training AT EDITE Company (Participate In Real Projects)
    .Net Training At EDITE Company (Participate In Real Projects)
During summer 2006 I attended
    IEEE conference which called EED(Egyptation Engineering Day)
Work as Teaching Assistant at faculty of computer and information at Fayoum university from 25-12-2006 till now
Work as web developer in ElFagr Co. For Publishing And Printing from 25/08/2006 to 28-2-2007 and this is samples of my work :
    * ("http://www.elfagr.org " and it's Administration System)
    * ("http://www.lotus-global.com" and it's Administration System)
    * ("http://www.waswasha.org "magazine website & his Administration)
    * ("http://www.bavly.net " and it's Administration System)
    * ("http://www.07775500.com " and it's Administration System)
    * ("http://www.07777774.com " and it's Administration System)
    * ("http://www.mohamedfarouk.com " and it's Administration System)
    * ("http://www.nashwa.tv" and it's Administration System)
    * http://www.smartpharaohs.com/
    * www.pcc-eg.com
    * http://www.ebtecarfurniture.com/
During 29-03-2008 To 01-04-2008 (4 Days) I attended
    VLDB Workshop which contains (Data Streaming – Data security – XML – Data mining)
During 16-04-2008 To 17-04-2008 (2 Days) I attended
    EDC “Egyptian Developer conference”
During 26-08-2008 To 27-08-2008 (2 Days) I attended
    IEEE conference which called EED (Egyptian Engineering Day)
Working as IEEE Fayoum university Student Branch coordinator
Working as ESEA Fayoum university coordinator
I’m attending most of conferences in IT Field in Egypt From 2006 Till Now
Prepared strategic IT Plan For Fayoum Government For 5 Years
From 1-8-2007 working as media planner in Tawasol company till 30-6-2009
Working as ElFagr website Manager from 1-5-2007 till 2010
Working as ElFagr Editor in chief from 2010 till now
Working as senior account manager in Tawasol company From 1-7-2009
Working as public relations and media adviser President of Fayoum University from 2015 till now
Working as manager for fayoum university media center from 2015 till now
Working as manager for Elfagr Research center from 2015 till now
Working as a certified international trainers from 2016
Achievements of Under Graduation Period
E-Learning Web Site
Description: E-Learning Web Site For Learning Programming Languages.
Tools: Microsoft Frontpage2003, ASP, SQL Server 2000,JavaScript
Algorithm Learning
Description: System for Explaining Some Sorting Algorithms Using Graphical capabilities
Tools: Turbo C
OS Scheduling Algorithms Implementation
Description: Implementing Some Operating System Scheduling Algorithms.
Tools: Turbo C
Pharmacy System.
: Complete windows system to manage All Pharmacy Operations
Tools: Microsoft Visual C#, Crystal Reports, SQL Server 2000
Medical Company System
: system for All Medical Company Operations
Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic.net Crystal Reports, SQL Server 2000,
Choose faculty according to grades
Description: Desktop Application to find the optimal faculty According To Studied Courses And Secondary School Grades Using Artificial intelligences roles.
Tools: CLIPS
Balanced Line Algorithm
Description: Implementation of Updating Sorting Data Inside files.
Tools: Microsoft Visual C#.
Mail Server System
Description: Web Enabled System Simulate YAHOO & HOTMAIL Websites.
Tools: Microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2005, SqlServer2000 , Photoshop , frontpage2003 , Dream waver, JavaScript.
Web Enabled System For Training Center
Description: Web Site For training Center To advertise About courses and make registering online
Tools: JSP, Frontpage2003, Dream waver, JavaScript, Photoshop.
SJF (Shortest Job First Served ) Simulator
Description: Simulator of Operating System CPU scheduling algorithm Shortest Job first served preemptive.
Tools: Java.
Academic courses
Software Engineering.
Artificial Intelligence.
Operating System concepts
GIS (Geographical Information System).
Office Automation Course
Database systems.
Computer Networks.
Information retrieval
Data mining
How to research
Soft skills
Interactive and fast enough to learn new technologies and Languages.
Team player, self learner and can work efficiently under pressure.
Ability to think "outside the box".
Shares knowledge, responsibilities, and expertise with others easily and frequently.
Works effectively with people at all levels in the organization in order to achieve the required results.
Shares information and accepts feedback easily and in a timely manner.
Balances own responsibilities with interests of team and/or department; Respects group goals.
Researches for new ways to apply technology.
Combines different ideas to create something new or improve existing product.
Good technical documentation writing skills.
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