Faculty of DarulUloom

Prof.Dr. Salah Abel Mou'ez Al-asheiry

Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6333901                          
Fax number: 084 6333901
E-mail Address: saa02@fayoum.edu.eg
Office : Faculty of DarulUloom - Grammar and Prosody Deparment
Post Address: Fayoum University - Faculty of DarulUloom - Grammar and Prosody Department -
POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.A.: DarulUloom - Cairo University -1994
M. Sc.: DarulUloom - Cairo University - 2000
Ph.D.: DarulUloom - Cairo University - 2004
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 1995 - 2000
Assistant Lecturer: From 2000 - 2004
Lecturer: From 2004 to 2009.
Assistant Professor: From 2009 to 2015
Professor: From 2015 Until Now.
Research Interests
Studies in Holy Quran.
Studies in text grammar.
The Quranic Perusal of AbdUlRahman Al araj Aphonological Morphological And Grammatical study.
The pronoun reference in the Holy Quran Its froms and rules An analytic application study in the light of the modern grammatical lesson .
List of Publications
Grammatical Opinions Preferred by Ibn Hisham in his book "At-Tadhkirah" (Presentation and Study)
Grammatical Objections of Al-'Ukbari to Ibn Jinni in his book "Al-Muttaba' Fi Sharh Al-Luma' "
Using the Infinitive Attributively between the Transmitted Orthodox Regular tests and Analogy
Linguistic Evidences of An-Namr bin Taulab in the Grammatical Heritage "Compilation and Study"
Interrogative Hamzah Preceding the Arabic Letters "Waw", "Fa" and "Thumma" in the Noble Qur'an (Study of the Structure and Meaning)