Faculty of DarulUloom

Dr.Hamada Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim

Contact Information
Phone number: 084 6333901
Fax number: 084 6333901
E-mail Address: hmi02@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Building of Faculty DarulUloom - IslamicPhilosophy
Post Address:Fayoum University – Faculty of Arabic- Islamic Studies
POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.A:Faculty DarulUloom - Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences -2003
Academic Positions
Demonstrator: From 2004To 2008
Assistant Lecturer: From 2008 To 2013
Lecturer: From 2013 to 2020
Assistant Professor: From 2020 Until Now
"Albraheen Alsabatiyah" By Gawad Sabat bin Ibrahim Sabat Al-Hasani Al-Alawi .H-1250.H)1188(
Status of reason between Christian theology and kalam , Augustine and Al- Ghazali as model
Publications List
The evidence of mutual preventing on monotheism in Kalam thought; comparative study with Philosophy and Sufism
Critical trend as for Attosy in study of Sufism
Free will as for Al-Juwayni and Muhammad Abdu
Influence of Al-Samaw?al ibn Ya?y? in development of comparison of religions
The divine aspect as for Sadr al-Shari’ah al-Asghar
The Problem of abrogation between the theologians of Judaism and Islam (Al-Qirqisani and Baqillani as model)
Influence of logical inference in Kalam thought as for Al- amidi