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Faculty Council
Prof. Adel Aldrghami Abdel Nabi Acting Dean of the faculty, and Vice Dean for Postgraduates and Research Affairs
Prof. Mohsen Mohamed Ahmed Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs
Prof. Mohamed Abu El-Magd Ali Vice Dean for Education and Students' Affairs
Prof. Khalil Abd El-All Acting Head of Grammar and ProsodyDepartment
Prof. Rabea Abd El-Salam Abd El-Salam Head of Linguistics and Higher and Oriental Studies Department
Prof. Abd El-Moneim Abo Zeid Abd El-Moneim Head of Literary Studies Department
Prof. Waleed Saeed El-Shemi Head of Rhetoric, Literary Criticism and Comparative Literature Department
Prof. Wajieh Abd El-Qader Shaban Head of Islamic law Department
Prof. Ahmed Arafat Abo El-Hassan Head of Islamic Philosophy Department
Prof. Abd El-Bary Mohamed Taher Acting Head of Islamic History Department
Prof. Mamoun Abd El-HalimWajieh Professor at Department of Grammar and Prosody
Prof. Emam Mohamed Abd El-fattah Professor at Department of Linguistics and Higher and Oriental Studies
Prof. Mohamed MostafaManour Professor at Department of Literary Studies
Prof. Mohamed Hassan Abd Allah Emeritus Professor at Department of Rhetoric,Literary Criticism and Comparative Literature
Prof. Ali Mohamed Afifi Professor at Islamic law Department
Prof. Shawki Ali Omar Emeritus Professor at Islamic Philosophy Department
Prof. Sabri Abd El-Latif Selim Emeritus Professor at Islamic History and Islamic Civilization Department
Dr. Ibrahim Farghal Mohamed Associate Professor at Islamic History and Islamic Civilization Department
Dr. Hamada Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim Lecturer atIslamic Philosophy Department
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