Research and Engineering Consultancies Center

Date of Establishment: 27th December 2000

Objectives of the Center:

1. Holding training courses in integrated engineering fields for engineers, technicians and employees. Besides preparing and organizing the required training programs for different institutions according to their needs. The center is adhering to the regulations of circular No.15 of 1987 regardingguidance document for training and the decisions issued by the Minister of Administrative Development.

2. Holding conferences, seminars and workshops to exchange experiences between our academic institutions and various institutions, whether local or foreign, to solve national problems.

3. Doing engineering consultancy services that includes for example:
• Conducting tests of water and sanitation system and their accessories, and developing plans for rationalization and conservation of energy and water based on the duties of the competent authorities.

• Computer and information technology and database set up.

4. The Board of Directors of the Center has the right to add any other activities to update the work of the Center after the University Councilapproval.

5. The center aims to provide engineering consultancy (integrated engineering works of design, engineering drawings and supervision of implementation).

6. Holding scientific courses and conferences, preparing feasibility studies and evaluating projects.

Projects and Previous Work Carried out by the Center during the Academic Year 2008/2009

1- A protocol was signed with the Directorate of Health and Population in Fayoum for the design and implementation of all the Fayoum hospitals. The protocol is being activated - Al Sadr Hospital, Al-Ramad Hospital, Tamiya Hospital and Youssef Al-Seddiq Hospital.

2- A protocol was signed with the General Administration of Water Resources and Irrigation in Fayoum to design and supervise the implementation of irrigation works.

3- Coordination with the Directorate of Housing and Utilities in Fayoum to conduct quality control tests for the fourth phase of Mubarak National Housing Project in Demo.

4- A protocol is being activated with the Directorate of Housing and Utilities in Fayoum for the supervision on Mubarak National Housing Project in Tamiya.

5- Developing the building ofFaculty of Education.