*A Research Team from the Faculty Designs and Builds a Renewable Energy Plant on the Shore of QarunLake           *A visit from the Islamic Language School           *Congratulations to Dr. Ahmed Abdel LatifMuhammad      *A Visit from STEM Schools in Fayoum      *Council of the Faculty of Engineering Holds Its Meeting for the Month October 2022     
  Computer labs  
There are 7 college computer labs well-equipped, three of them connected to the Internet, A working group well-trained maintenance of these labs. Average speed Internet about 128 MB / s. The speed of loading amounted to 2 MB / min. The number of computer in labs is 125 device and we do our utmost to develop them.
  Civil engineering labs  
LAB Engineering roads and airports Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Structural Engineering Laboratory Hydraulics Laboratory
  Electrical engineering labs  
LAB energy conversion Laboratory measurements of electrical
Laboratory control LAB electronics and communications
Industrial Workshop Carpentry workshop
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