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Integrated Management for Combating Farm Pests Conference

16-18 January 2006  
   In collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Faculty of Agriculture at Fayoum University held the 2nd Integrated Management for Combating Farm Pests. The conference was held under the patronage of Mr. Amin Ahmed Abaza, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Gen. Eng. Mohamed Magdy Qubeisy, Fayoum Governor, Prof. Dr.Galal M. Said, president of Fayoum University. Saad Nassar's Hall, Hall (1) department of Agricultural Economy and Hall (2) Central Lab Grandstand hosted the conference.  

Conference Recommendations: 
*Extending the use of the integrated ways for combating farm pests.
*Giving due attention to combating the pests and nematode using the bio-combating.
*Extending the use of trichogramma in the bio-combating and equipping the Trichogramma Lab based in Fayoum.
*Posing much control over the use of pesticides.
*Activating the role of extension and developing it in planning for programs offer awareness for the peasants of the dangers of utilizing the pesticides.
*Encouraging the research centers to develop anti-pest strains .
*Stopping the use of chemical fertilizers .
*Overspreading the awareness with the importance of the bio fertilization.
*Setting up Biofertilizers Unit in the governorate.
*Exerting much effort to help issuing the Egyptian Organic Farming Law quickly.
*Development the systems of promoting the safe organic products.
*Increasing programs working to make the Egyptian citizen aware of the dangers of pesticides.
*The ministry of Agriculture should adopt the concept of Farmer Field Schools so as to make the peasant well aware of the importance of bio combating and organic farming.
*Extending in producing organic fertilizers properly.

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