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9th Faculty of Education Scientific Conference Entitled "Upgrading Education in the Arab World – the Present and the Future "

· In the period 14- 15 October 2008, Faculty of Education is to hold the 9th scientific conference entitled" Upgrading Education in the Arab World - the Present and the Future". The conference is organized under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Galal Mustafa Said, Fayoum Governor, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Magdy el Gohary, President of Fayoum University and conference honorary head, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim El Khaleely, vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Research and conference head, Prof. Dr. Ragaa Ahmed Eid, dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. Dr. Morad Salah Morad Zeidan, vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and conference secretariats: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Taha Mohamed, vice-dean for Education and Students, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Reda al-Baghdadi, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Sakran, Prof. Dr. Hosam el-Din Abu el-Hoda and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Tawab Abu el-Nour.


 Conference Pivots:

· First: Concept of upgrading education and reforming it;

       its philosophy, its original vision and mission in different stages of education and the basic requirements for achieving this concept.

· Second: The present efforts exerted to upgrade and reform education in the Arab World;

      the volume of these efforts, their quality, to what extent they match the contemporary changes and developments, and the available facilities and how they are able to attain the desired improvement.

· Third: Evaluation of the examples of upgrading and reforming education in the Arab countries in different stages of education.

· Fourth: The most important obstacles which hinder upgrading operations from achieving the targeted objectives, ways of overcoming these obstacles, how much the beneficiaries and those interested in upgrading do participate in these operations, and making the related decisions.

· Fifth: The proposed perspectives and views for upgrading education which can assist those who are in charge of education in upgrading and reforming education in our Arab communities.


Conference Objectives:

· Scientific definition of the philosophy of upgrading education in the Arab World, its vision , its mission, its requirements in different stages of education.

· Monitoring the present efforts exerted to upgrade education in different stages of education in the Arab World.

· Objective evaluation of the developmental efforts of education in its different stages.

· Determining the most paramount obstacles and dilemmas which hinder from achieving the targeted objectives.

·  Suggesting perspectives and views for benefiting who are responsible for upgrading education in our Arab World.

Terms of the submitted research papers:

·          ·   It should meet the academic criteria such as innovation, documentation and the novelty of references.

·          · It should not be published or submitted to any other academic corps.

·         · 3 copies of the research paper written on A4 enclosed by a CD as well as an abstract in Arabic and English should be submitted.

·         · Paper format ( 20cm) in length * (14m) in width, size 14 for the text, size 16 for side titles and size 18 for head titles; the research paper should be typed in Arabic Transparent, line spacing 1,5.

·          · Number of pages should not exceed 16 pages; the title of the research paper, the researcher's name, his occupation and specialization should be written on the first page (a separate page).


Subscription Fees :

·        · For the Egyptians: L.E. 350 for participation with a research paper; L.E. 5 will be charged for every extra page.

·        · For the non-Egyptians: USA$ 300 for participation with a research paper; USA$ will be charged for every extra page.

·        · Participation includes attending sessions, having lunch and getting conference material.

·        · For the Egyptians: L.E. 150 for participation without a research paper.

·        · For the non-Egyptians: USA$ 150 for participation without a research paper.

                                                              The deadline of submitting the abstracts is August 1, 2008

              The final date for submitting the full text papers and researches along with their abstracts is September 1, 2008.

- All correspondences to be addressed to :

Prof. Dr. Ragaa Ahmed Eid

Dean of Faculty of Education, Fayoum University , Fayoum Governorate

Postal code: 63514

Tel: 084 6334992

Fax: 084 6340538


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