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3rd Conference for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Fayoum University

   Monday, November 12, 2007 was the start of activities of the 3rd Conference for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Fayoum University. The conference was held at 10:00 a.m under the patronage of Dr. Hani Helal, Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research.  
   The Conference was inaugurated by General Kobessy, the Governor, Prof. Dr. Galal Said, the president, Prof. Dr. Sameer Seif Al-Azel, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Prof. Dr. Magda Soliman Abdullah, vice-dean for social service and environment development. 

Research written in English should be enclosed by a summary written in Arabic while research written in Arabic should be enclosed by a summary written in English. Research should be typed using Microsoft Word 97 in Times New Roman or Simplified Arabic, font 14, and titles should be Bold. The research should be stored on CD besides 3 printed copies by using paper (size 84) in addition graphs and maps should be printed. 

The conference was attended by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Kady, vice-president for student affairs, Prof. Dr Mohammad El-Khaleely, some of state and governorate leaders and some delegations of Arab and African countries ( Libya – Syria – Sudan – Kuwait)
In the inaugural session, General Kobessy gave a speech praising the role of the conference in achieving self-efficiency of local goods to satisfy the local needs, expanding the amount of crops, reducing the use of pesticides which cause pollution and stepping fowards the international competition

Then, the president gave his speech mentioning the importance of the conference and discussing some important issues related to the sectors of agriculture, water, human development, agricultural counseling, development of the Egyptian countryside and fish wealth. He also confirmed that this conference has reflected the university role in the issues related to the society such as the infrastructure and tourism infrastructure
Both Prof. Dr. Sameer Seif Al-Azel and Prof. Dr. Magda Soliman Abdullah gave their speeches about increasing the production ,rationalizing water consuming in irrigating lands, protecting the environment from pollution and urban sprawl besides improving the Egyptian countryside and activating woman' role in urban planning.

The conference is supposed to discuss some important issues such as:
* The economic efficiency of aromatic oils extraction units
* Youth trends towards work and settling in the new societies
* Some economic studies concerning utilizing of untraditional feeds in diary production farms
* Some determinates and the potential of agricultural lending policy
* Hybrid power and the ability to harmony characteristics of total root of local genetic models

The three-day conference running from November 12 to November 14 is scheduled to discuss more than 50 up-to-date scientific researches about the best management systems of natural resources in Egypt including land, water and human resources as well as the chemical pollution of land resulting from the mass use of fertilizers and pesticides and the migration of the Egyptian peasents. The researches also tackle the agricultural production, animal production, poultry production, lands, agricultural engineering, agricultural extension, plant protection, agricultural microbiology, genetics and agricultural chemistry.
The guests inaugurated an exhibition of agricultural production tools held in building of the departments of lands, water and chemistry in Faculty of Agriculture. The exhibition included some tools related to agricultural development
After that, a session entitled "Challenges Facing Poultry Industry in Egypt and Future Vision" was held and introduced by both Prof. Dr. Esmat Mohamed Omar, session president and Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hameed el-Shafee', Board Chief of Misr Arab Poultry Company (S.A.E).

The 3rd scientific conference for agricultural development held at Faculty of Agriculture from November 12 to November 14 has resulted in a number of recommendations which include:

* Giving due attention to research related to improving and cultivating barren, marginal and newly reclaimed land side by side with preserving the fertility of the old lands as well as rising its productivity to attain the sustainable agricultural development

* Paying much interest in research concerning the quality of water used in irrigation and the impact of mixed water upon the qualities of soil and its productivity over the long and short terms; using irrigation technology for the sake of saving wasted water so as to expand horizontally as wished within the framework of water policy

* Encouraging research in the area of introducing new crops (i.e. Canola) and planting untraditional crops such as (sugar beet, fodder beet, annual ryegrass, safflower and sunflower) and others to fill in the gab between national production and consumption of oil, sugar and fodders with taking into consideration having a mechanism for prior contracts.

* The conference calls to the need for continued research on the development of new strains of high production and quality of the various field and horticultural crops, characterized with shouldering vital and non-vital environmental pressures, early mature, highly efficient user of available nutrients to achieve optimal exploitation of agricultural resources.

* Paying increased attention to research on organic protected and vital produces; employing micro-organisms in continuing soil fertility as modern directions for the protection of the environment from pollution ; preserving the biological balance ; providing safe food products to preserve the health of humans, animals and persons as well as meeting the requirements of exporting.

* The conference emphasizes the importance of using technology in treating sewage water for reuse in irrigation and in recycling the agricultural waste to be used in the production of biofuels or organic fertilizer or animal feed or as raw in small industries, as well as in tissue culture and the safe use of genetic engineering for improving production quantitatively and qualitatively

* Encouraging research and applied studies aiming to solve real problems related to the livestock so as to raise its products up to an appropriate level of self –sufficiency

* Supporting and pushing food industry research equal to the output of the field industrial crops especially sugar cane, oil, horticultural crops including vegetables, fruit, medicinal and aromatic plants with a quick rotten gross to encourage cultivating them and alleviating seasonal severity and marketing bottlenecks and promoting their imports

* Developing technical, economical and marketing programs ensuring the upgrading of level of production, canning and marketing of the agricultural produces, whether raw or manufactured, guaranteeing having profitable and regular income from these activities on the national and individual levels

* Emphasizing the role of rural women in the development of family resources programmed through specialized training and awareness in the areas of rural, environmental and agricultural industries

* The conference affirms the need for developing a mechanism with the beginning of every year or season to clarify the general trends of the national agricultural plan to all employees in the agricultural sector and agricultural production starting with the researcher and ending with the farmer including the merits and shortcomings of production, giving attention to produce certain crops or not, the volume of consuming products, the remainder and what is needed for exporting…..ect.

* The members of the conference have agreed upon setting up a National Bard of Agricultural Research putting top in his agenda developing a research strategy for Egypt through which integrated, with specific goals for each phase, research plans are going to be carried out. Moreover, all those who are interested in agricultural research should participate in putting these plans into action; this is to avoid duplication of work, to save effort and money, to solve the problems quickly, and to ensure attaining the objectives to reach a real sustainable development enhancing Egypt in confronting the challenges of the 3rd Millennium.

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