University Hostels for Students Residence

Historical overview:
1. The university hostels were homes for male and female students, which consisted of a residential building for female students in Eltaftesh area and a residential building for female students in the Keman Fares area. These houses belonged to the direct supervision of the Fayoum City Council, and their services were limited to residency only.
2. In the academic year 1986/85, coordination was made between the university administration in Fayoum and Fayoum Governorate, provided that these university hostels are subordinated to the university so that all services provided to students in other university hostels could be provided. They receive all health, social and cultural care and provide them with nutrition, similar to all other university hostels.
3. In the academic year 1987/86, a new wing was built in Eltaftesh for female students, and the university administration undertook a comprehensive renovation work in all the facilities until the services were provided as required.
4. In the academic year 1989/88, the university administration rented a wing at the Noor Al-Islam Association in Al-Fawal area, which could accommodate 50 students.
5. In the academic year 1990/89, the university administration purchased Building No. 2 in Keman Fares area, next to health insurance, from the Fayoum City Council, and it was equipped and accommodated for 280 students.
6. In the academic year 90/1991, a new university hostel was built in Keman Fares area for students and accommodated 300 students (Housing No. 1).
7. In the academic year 90/1991, another floor was rented at the Noor al-Islam Association, which could accommodate 50 other students.
8. In the academic year 1994/1995, a building belonging to the Community Development Association in the university district was leased to accommodate 84 female students.
9. Two new university hostels were built on the campus of Keman Fares for students with a capacity of 800 students, and they were accommodated in the academic year 1996/95.
10. The city of Sheikh Hassan is equipped for students with a capacity of about 250 students.
11. The student housing city No. (4) was built on the campus with a capacity of 600 students.
12. In the academic year 2004/2005, 2 floors were raised for the student housing building No. 1 to accommodate the building for 500 students.
13. In the same year, a girls' city was built in the west of tawneat area, with a capacity for 1,200 students.
14. In the academic year 2007/2008, the university hostel B for female students was inaugurated in the west of tawneat area, with a capacity for 1,200 students.


Mrs. Fayza Abd El-Fattah Hejy
General Director of the General Administration of University Hostels and Nutrition
Tel: 0846377051

Mr. Mahmoud El-Sayed Abd El-Aziz
Administrative Manager of University Hostels for Male Students

Mrs. Azza Atef Hassan Adham
Administrative Manager of University Hostels for Female Students

Mr. Hesham Moustafa Amin
Administrative Manager of Nutrition at the University Hostels

Mr. Ashraf Mohamed Reda
Acting Manager of Financial Affairs

Dr. Osama Farouk Mohamed El-Sofy Sharaby
Administrative Manager of Inspection and Control of Food
Tel: Females Hostels: 0846362717
Tel: Males Hostels: 0846379872
Postal Address: Fayoum University - Fourth Floor - Student Services Building
Postal Code: 63514