2024-03-7 The First Visit to Quality Simulation
2024-03-7 The Franco-Arab Activities Center and the University Agency for Francophonie, Organize a Seminar Titled: "Towards a Peaceful, Flexible, and Sustainable World"
2024-03-7 Dean of the Faculty Participates in the Third Arab Conference on Mental Health for Children and Adolescents
2024-03-7 Faculty of Arts Celebrates Family Day and Honors a Number of Employees
2024-03-7 Faculty of Arts Organizes a Workshop on "Critical and Creative Thinking Skills"
2024-03-7 Congratulations
2024-03-7 Faculty of Arts Holds a Seminar Entitled "Magnetic Supply" 7-3-2024
2024-02-23 The Faculty of Arts Holds the Second Conference for Young Researchers
2024-02-23 Conclusion of the Third Day of the Second Conference for Young Researchers of the Faculty of Arts, Fayoum University
2024-02-23 Conclusion of the Third Day of the Second Conference for Young Researchers of the Faculty of Arts, Fayoum University, with the Second Scientific Session on Social Issues in the Light of Sustainable Development Goals
2024-02-23 A workshop Entitled “Developing Creative Thinking” at the Conclusion of the Second Conference for Young Researchers
2024-02-23 Conclusion and Recommendations of the Second Conference for Young Researchers at the Faculty of Arts
2024-02-23 The Dean Participates in the Chinese Cultural Day at the British University
2023-08-6 Congratulations to the Dean of the College on the occasion of the new Hijri year
2015-05-27 Congratulations Dr. Nagah Youssef Abdel-tawab
2015-05-27 Congratulations Dr. Mohamed Salah Eldin Mohamed
2015-05-27 Congratulations Prof.Dr. Magdy Ahmed Tawfik
2015-02-26 Congratulations Dr. Khaled Abdel Fattah Mohamed
2014-08-20 Congratulations to Dr. Amal M. Zaky
2014-05-20 Dr. Amal M. Zaki Eldin successfully defends her master's thesis
2014-05-18 Dr. Mgady Rashad appointed assistant professor
2014-05-18 Congrats to Dr. Hend Rabie
2014-05-18 Congrats to Dr. Yomna Radwan
2014-05-14 IT Unit Team Meeting
2014-02-27 Dr. Noha Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed appointed lecturer
2014-02-27 Dr. Hoda Kamel Mohamed Al Shiekh appointed lecturer
2014-02-27 Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu-Ria appointed as assistant professor
2013-05-15 Dr. Mohamed Desoky appointed lecturer of Medieval European History
2013-05-15 Dr. Abdel Latif Fayez appointed lecturer of Roman and Greek history
2013-04-24 Dr. Nabila Marzouk appointed manager of CDC
2013-04-23 Graduation Ceremony of Philosophy and Psychology Students
2013-04-23 Festivity to celebrate graduation of fourth year students
2013-03-31 Ms. Omiama Sobhy appointed lecturer of Arabic Language
2013-03-31 Ms. Hoda Mohamed Abdel Rahman appointed lecturer of philosophy
2013-03-17 Prof. Mohamed Fouad Khalil appointed vice-dean for Education and Students' Affairs
2013-03-17 Dr. Sayed Mahmoud Abdelal appointed acting chair of history department
2013-02-10 Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Abd Al-salam reappointed director of LTC
2013-02-3 Prof. Hanaa Nazir appointed acting vice-dean of INSSSR
2013-01-29 Postgraduate Studies and Research Council holds meeting
2013-01-23 Central library committee holds meeting
2013-01-1 Dr. Sherin Abdel Wahab Ahmed appointed lecturer
2012-12-31 Congrats to honorees on 5th Commencement Day
2012-12-13 Geography faculty members honored
2012-12-3 Seminar on Bibliotherapy
2012-12-3 Students of Secondary Sports School Visit Faculty of Tourism
2012-12-3 Mustafa Al Hawary Secondary School girls visit Faculty of Tourism
2012-11-7 Dr. Hanaa Nazir appointed vice-dean of INSSSR
2012-10-4 Congratulations to Dr. Hany Ali Said
2012-06-7 Faculties of Arts Committee Visits Faculty of Archaeology
2012-05-22 Community Service and Environment Development Council holds meeting