Since its inception in 1987, the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) is considered the first national network to connect the Egyptian universities as well as some academic, research, and governmental institutions via the highest speed computer network.

A leading centre of the network was set up at the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) to coordinate, manage and upgrade the network performance.

In 1993, the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) managed to provide access to the Internet to a large community of Egyptian universities as well as all the research centers and institutes in addition to some other governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Being an academic institution, Fayoum University began setting up and upgrading the network infrastructure and the university intra-networks to link all faculties to the university information network with the aim of executing tasks professionally and confidentially, improving information systems and Support Decision Making processes and enhancing the processing and storage capacities.

This project is the backbone of some other projects such as Management Information System (MIS) and Decision Support System (DSS), e-learning, Digital Libraries and ICT training.