The Ministry of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research gives great attention to utilize information technology and communications to raise the educational, research and administrative capacity of higher education system. It also works on modernizing training and academic programs as well as curricula and methodology. In addition, it is keen on developing new types of education coping pace with the global developments and meeting the growing demand for higher education. This requires taking advantage of sources of information and digital content, along with lifting capacity of the academic and administrative bodies within higher education institutions in terms of dealing with information technology, communication and multimedia. From 2005 until 2008, the Ministry of Higher Education implemented and funded the Higher Education Enhancement Project (HEEP) which underlies six projects; Information and Communication Technology Project (ICTP) is one of them.

In the same context, ICTP will establish and implement the Fayoum University Portal, in addition to creating links between MIS applications and the portal as well as launching a myriad of electronic services for both staff and students.