*Participation of the College of Dentistry in the Geniuses League competition      *Beginning of entrance exams for postgraduate students      *Prof. Hatata Opens a Clothing Fair for University Students      *A Symposium Entitled: “Illegal Immigration and the Role of Media in Educating the Youth About Its Dangers”      *Community Service and Environmental Development Council Holds Its Session No. (194)
Department Council
Department President

 Prof.Dr. Ramadan Mohammad Abou Zied

Prof.Dr. Sobhy Mahmoud Alam

Prof.Dr. Gamal Eldeen Aboulfotouh Ahmed

Prof.Dr. Ali Rabee Abdel- Rahman
Prof.Dr. Mona Abdel-Tawab Abdel-Latif

Prof.Dr. Gamal Mahmoud Mostafa

Dr. Abdel-Alim Mohammad Abdel-Mola
Dr. Kamal Abdel Aziem Abdel Gawad
Dr. Mohamad Fathi Ahmed
Dr. Rasha Abd El-Hamed Mahmoud Someda
Dr. Ahmed Hussin Abdel-Fatah Ahmed
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