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Faculty Council
 Prof.Dr.Nevein Ali El-Sawah  Dean, Chair
 Prof. Dr. Ensaf Ahmed Mohammad El-Fall  Vice Dean, Education and Student Affairs
 Prof. Dr. Nevin Ali Hassan ElSawah  Vice Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
Prof.Dr. Farouk Mohammed Gad_allah  Madany Vice Dean, Community Service and Environment Development
 Prof. Sobhy Mahmoud Allam  Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Production
 Prof. Mahmoud Abdel Gawad Mohammed  Professor Emeritus, Department of Soils and Water
  Prof. Abdul Aziz Nasr Sharaan  Professor Emeritus, Department of Crops
 Prof. Mohammed Ali Galal  Professor Emeritus, Department of Horticulture
 Prof. Abdel Azim Mohammed Mustafa  Professor Emeritus, Department of Agricultural Economics
 Prof. Ali Maher Mohammed  Professor Emeritus, Department of Crops
 Prof. Tawfiq Mohammed Thabet  Professor Emeritus, Department of Genetics
 Prof. Abbas Ahmed Mustafa  Professor Emeritus, Department of Horticulture
 Prof. Nabil ElSayed Hafez  Professor Emeritus, Department of Food Science and Technology
 Prof. Sana Abu Sareea Haroun  Professor Emeritus, Department of Plant Protection
 Prof. Sayed Saleh Sayed Salah  Professor Emeritus, Department of Agricultural Economics
 Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim ElKhalily  Professor Emeritus, Department of Botany
 Prof. Gamaluddin Aboul Fotouh Ahmed  Professor, Chair, Department of Animal Production
  Prof. Ahmed Abdel Moneim ElSheewy  Professor Emeritus, Department of Botany
  Prof. Magdda Sulaiman Abdullah  Professor Emeritus, Department of Agricultural Microbiology
 Prof. Sayed Mokhtar Mohamed Radwan  Professor, Department of Poultry
 Prof. Saeed Elddin Abdel Wahab Mohammed  Professor, Chair, Department of Botany
 Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Shendy  Professor, Chair, Department of Soils and Water
 Prof. Ehab Ahmed Hassan Galal  Professor, Department of Dairy Science
 Prof. Atef Abdel Tawab Awad Allah  Professor, Department of Soils and Water
 Prof. Mohamed Saad Behns  Professor, Chair, Department of Poultry Science
 Prof. Wedad Azab Metry  Professor, Chair, Department of Dairy Science
 Prof. Ahmed Moawad Imam  Professor, Department of Biochemistry
 Prof. Ekram Ali Megawer  Professor, Chair, Department of Crops
 Prof. Enas ElSayed Sadiq  Professor, Chair, Department of Agricultural Economics
 Prof. Zaki Ahmed Attia ElFiky  Professor, Chair, Department of Genetics
 Prof. Ibrahim Hamed Hussein  Professor, Chair, Department of Plant Protection
 Prof. Ebtisam Mohammed Abdellah  Professor ,Chair, Department of Horticulture
 Prof. Awad Abdel Tawab Mahmoud  Assistant Professor, Chair, Department of Food Science and Technology
 Dr. Mamdouh Ahmed Mohammed  Chair, Department of Chemistry
 Dr. Nagat Geneidy Mohammed Aziz  Assistant professor, Department of Water and Soils
 Dr. Narmin Ahmed Yousef  Assistant professor, Department of Plant Protection
 Prof.Dr. Salem Abdel Fattah Mahfouz Salem   Department of Agricultural Microbiology
 Dr. Manal Kotb Ahmed  Lecturer, Department of Dairy Science
 Dr. Amr Mohammed Fayez Haider  Lecturer, Department of Animal Production
  Dr. Salah El-Deen Muhammad Imam  Manager, Quality Assurance Unit
 Gen. Khaled Abdel Aziz Ghaberty  Secretary General of Fayoum Governorate
 Prof. Mohamed Abdel-Hamid El-Shafei  Deputy General of the World Federation of Poultry
  Eng. Mahmoud Ali Suleiman  Undersecretary, Ministry of Agriculture in Fayoum
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