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Food Sciences

Thank you for visiting the department of food science and technology. Food science and technology is defined as the application of science and engineering to the processing, preservation, packaging, distribution, and utilization of foods. The objectives of food science and technology are to elucidate the chemical, physical and microbiological properties of foods, and to apply this knowledge to the efficient utilization of raw ingredients for economical development and improvement of processes and packaging, leading to products of high quality and nutritional value, as well as provide training and support for the food industry. The department of food science also aims to prepare professionals in the area of food science and technology who are familiar with the developing and application of the recent technologies to enhance products quality of the food industry sector without abuse to environment.

The Department grants the following degrees:
Agricultural Science Bachelore Degree in Food Technology.
Master Degree in Food Technology.
Doctor of Philosophy in Food Technology.
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