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Dr. Alaa El Din Mahmoud Abdel Latif
Contact Information
Phone Number : 084 6356731                                        
Fax Number : 084 6334964
E-mail Address : ama19@fayoum.edu.eg
Office : Agriculture Building - FoodSciences Department
Postal Address : Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Agriculture - FoodSciences Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc. : Agricultural Sciences – Food and Dairy Industries – 1982
M.Sc. : Agricultural Sciences – Food Industries – 1991
Ph.D. : Agricultural Sciences – Food Industries – 2000 
Academic Positions
Demonstrator : From 1982 To 1991
Assistant Lecturer : From 1991 To 2000
Lecturer : From 2000 to 2011
Assistant Professor : From 2011 Until Now
Academic Rank
Central Printing Manager To 8/2015
Research Interests
Food Microbiology
Food Preser Vation
Food Sanitation
List of publications

Moawed,A.A. , El-Fakhrany, A.M.A. and Galal, E.A. (2002) Effect of honey bee propolis in comparison with common cheese coats and preservatives in solving major Ras cheese problems in Egypt., J. Egypt. Vet. Med. Ass., 62(4):69-76

Galal,E.A., Mahmoud,A.A., El-Fakhrany, A.M.A. and Moawad, H.A. (2003) Effect of adding carrot puree on organoleptic chemical and microbiological quality of UF soft cheese., The 1st International Conf."Food for Better Health",NRC,18-20 October, Egypt.

– Elewa,A.H., Neimat and El-Fakhrany, A.M.A. (2007) Influence of bifidobacteria on some symbiotic beverages., Egypt. J. Food Sci. 35,pp. 123-134

Mostafa, M. K.; El-Fakhrany,A.M.A. and Abo-Elazm,M.E. (2008) Minimizing the use of yeast in bread-making by continuous propagation in nano fermentor units. The organizing committee of KBI and nanotechnology, 11-12 Feb., Doha- Qatar

Khaled, A.S.; Sahar.S.A.Soltan and El-Fakhrany, A.M.A. (2008) Evaluation of antioxidant activity of three varieties of date fruit extracts (Phoenix dactylifera L.). Med. J. Cairo Univ., Vol. 76, No.2 ,pp. 235-245.

 Elewa, A.H.,Neimat and El-Fakhrany, A.M.A. (2011) Induction resistance of some lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria to certain antibiotics. Egyptian J. Dairy Sci.,9-20.

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