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Prof.Dr.Medhat Mohamed Aly Elbadry
Contact Information
Phone Number:084 6356731                         
Fax Number: 084 6334964
E-mail Address: mmb01@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Agriculture Building - Microbiology Department.
Postal Address: Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Agriculture - microbiology Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc. in Soil Sciences - 1977 - Ain Shams University
M.Sc.: Agricultural Microbiology - 1983 - Cairo University
PhD : Agricultural Microbiology - 1991 - Cairo University (Fayoum branch).
Academic Position
Demonstrator : from 1978 to 1983.
Assistant Lecturer : from 1983 to 1991.
Lecturer : from 1991 to 2000.
Assistant Professor : 2000 - 2008 .
Professor : 2008 uptill now .
Academic Experience
Head of Department of Microbiology: 2006-2007.
Research Interests

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria



Biological nitrogen fixation (symbiotic and asymbiotic)

Microbial diversity


Anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria

Biogas Technology

List Publication

Gamal- Eldin,H.; Elbadry,M. & Makawi,A.(1983)Mikrobiolgie- Uberwashung von Biogasanlagen Erleichterung in Routinebetrieb. Forum St?dte – Hygiene 34: 261-262.

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Elbadry, M. & Elbassel, A. (1993) In “Nitrogen Fixation with Non- Legumes “ Proc. 6th Inter.Symp. Nitrogen Fixation with Non- Legumes, Ismailia- Egypt. Sept.6-10, 1993. Hegazi N. A. et al., (eds.). The American University Press P. 501-502

Khalil, E.F. & Elbadry,M. (1994). Biogas production from pretreated vegetable processing solid wastes. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. Dev. 8: 24-38

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Elshahawy, R.M. Elbadry,M. & Amer, H.A. (1997).Response of barley (Hordium vulgare) to biofertilization with asymbiotic diazotrophs. Fayoum J. Agric. Res. Dev. 11: 183-189.

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Elbadry,M. (2000). Effects of Rhodobacter capsulatus in comparison and in combination with asymbiotic N2 –fixers on growth of rice seedlings under hydroponic condition.Annals of Agriculture Science, Moshtohor 37:2269-227

Elbadry, M. ; Taha, R.M. ; Eldougdoug, K.A. and Gamal-Eldin, H. (2006)Induction of systemic resistance in faba bean ( Vicia faba L.) to bean yellow mosaic potyvirus (BYMV) via seed bacterization with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 113 (6 ),247-251

Makram, A. S. and Elbadry, M. (2007) Larvicidal activity of fluorescent pseudomonad secondary metabolites on the fourth instar larvae of the cotton leaf worm Spodoptera littoralis (BOISD). Egyptian journal of Applied Science 22:252-271

Emam A., Eweis, M.and Elbadry, M. (2007) A new antifungal activity of furoquinoline alkaloid and bis-coumarin from Ruta chalepensis L. leaves.Planta Medica (In Press)

Gamal-Eldin,H.; Elbadry,M. & Elbassel, A. Enumeration, isolation and identification of phototrophic purple nonsulphur bacteria in some shallow aquatic environments in Egypt.(Submitted for publication)

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Gamal-Eldin, H. & Elbadry, M. Potential of Rhodobacter capsulatus as biofertilizer for flooded Rice (submitted for publication).


The fourth Egyptian Conference of Microbiology Cairo, December 24-28, 1980.

The fifth Egyptian Conference of Microbiology Cairo, May 21-23,1983

The International Conference on "the State of the Art on Biogas Technology, Transfer and Diffusion", Cairo, November 17-24,1984 (Presented one paper)

The sixth international symposium on Nitrogen Fixation with Non- Legumes, Ismailia – Egypt September 6-10, 1993(Presented one poster).

The Ninth International congress on Nitrogen fixation Cancun, Mexico, December 6-12, 1992(Presented one poster).

Key qualification

Participate in several research projects under title:
• “Small scale biogas technology development in villages, Fayoum Government” was funded by the USAID during the period (1980- 1981).
• “Behavior and survival of pathogenic microorganisms during the formation of biogas from sewage, garbage and cow dung “was funded by Volks Wagen, Philips Univ., Marburg, Germany, during the period (1982-1984).
• “Cucumber and pepper soil sterilization with biological measures under plastic- house condition” (ATUT) in collaboration with Dept. plant pathology, Ain Shams University, during the period (1996-1998).
• “Integration of biogas technology in renewable energy system (Wind- Solar energy- Biogas)” was funded by FRCU, Universities Linkage project, between Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum branch, Cairo University, Egypt and University of Tennessee, USA during the period (1983-1986).

Co-principle investigator in several research projects was funded by Regional Councils for Agricultural Research and Extension (RCARE). Ministry of Agriculture and land Reclamation and carried out by the Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum branch, Cairo University. Under different title:
• “Improving of sugar beet and sugar cane crops by inoculation with free and asymbiotic nitrogen fixers” during the period (1991- 1993).
• “Biofertilizers as substitution for chemical fertilizers to improve sugar beet crop in new land” during the period (1997-1999).
• “Biocultivation of same medicinal plants” during the period (1998-2000).
• “Biofertilizers of fruit trees in new lands” during the period (2000- till now).
• “Improving of rice crop by inoculation with anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria (APB) as Biofertilizers” is proposes to be funded by the RCARE, Ministry of Agriculture during the period 2001.
• “Usage of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria, (APB) as feed additive in poultry diets” is proposed to be fund by the RCARE, Ministry of Agriculture during the period 2001.

Microbiology team Leader
• Project about "Biopackage for Production a Quality Snap Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for more Exportation." The Collaborative Egypt Agriculture Industry Impact Research grants, between MUCIA Linkage (The Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities), Fayoum University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Microbiology during the period (September 2005 - January 2007).
• Project about "Evaluation of biological control strategies for the management of fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) of rosaceous plants" is proposed to be fund during the period 2007.

Training courses (National Level):
• ORSTOM- UNESCO- UNDP organized “Biofertilizer Technology” jointly in collaboration with Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, November 11-23, 1990, Cairo, Egypt.
• “Integrated past Management by Farms” was organized Jointly by FAO- GTZ-ICARDA in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Reclamation during the period November 15-19, 1997.Ismailia, Egypt.
• “Principles of Genetic Engineering” was organized by Institute of Graduate studies and Research (IGSR), Alexandria University February 20-24, 2000.

Post – experience course:
Participating in intensive course about “Biogas Technology” designed to train agricultural staff members (15 studies) from Arabic countries was organized by Department of Agricultural Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum branch, Cairo University in collaboration with Arabic Organization of Agricultural Development during the period April 18- 22,1992.

Other activities
1. Participation in the preparation of a manual to study student decision "microbiology Assembly" for students of the second year Fayoum the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.
2.Participation in the preparation of a handbook on "Biogas" issuing Agricultural Microbiology Department and Nobel Prize of the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural literature.
3. A study reference "Blue green algae" and progress to the Standing Committee for Scientific Agricultural Microbiology (issued in 2000).
4. Overseeing the station integrated renewable energy systems (Fayoum) (1990-1992).
5. Secretary of the Department of the Faculty of Agriculture agricultural microbiology Fayoum of the academic year 1996 to 2000 academic year.
6. Secretary of the laboratories and scientific equipment from the academic year (2000 to 2003).
7. Member of the Supervisory Committee for the Faculty of Agriculture lab Central Fayoum of the academic year 2000 to the time.
8. Leading the Cultural Committee of the Faculty of Agriculture in Fayoum the academic year 2000 till now.
9. Secretary of the environmental affairs and community service the academic year 2003 / 2004.
10. Chairman of the Commission on the Status of the technical specifications of the scientific instruments, the academic year 2003 / 2004.
11. Board member of the "plant tissue culture and genetic engineering" Faculty of Agriculture in Fayoum, the academic year 2003 / 2006.
12. A member of a performance assessment and quality assurance in the Faculty of Agriculture in Fayoum effect from the academic year 2005 / 2007.
13. Head of the Department of Agricultural microbiology from the academic year 2006=2007.

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