*Participation of the College of Dentistry in the Geniuses League competition      *Beginning of entrance exams for postgraduate students      *The Faculty of Dentistry - Fayoum University organizes a visit for students of Manarat Al-Andalus Private Schools Complex in Fayoum      *Meeting of the Administrative and Academic Council for Joint Programs Between Fayoum University and the Egyptian National E-Learning University      *Conclusion of the training program for the Women Leading Egyptian Governorates Program
Department Council
Department President

Prof.Dr.Nermeen Ahmed Youssif

Prof.Dr. Helmy Abdou Ghoniemy
Dr. Makram Aziz Hana
Prof.Dr. Ahmed Azmi Etman
Prof.Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Husein Abdella
Prof.Dr Farouk Fathi Mohammad
Prof.Dr. Sanaa Abu Srie Haroon
Prof.Dr. Abdel-Halim Mishraf Ismail
Prof.Dr. Ekram Fayek Mohamedd Mostafa Hashim
Prof.Dr. Fatma Mohammad Ibrahim Hamad
Prof.Dr. Ashraf Abd El- Hafiez Radwan
Prof.Dr Seham Mohammad El-Gindy
Prof . Dr. Makram Ahmed Mohammed
Prof.Dr. Salwa Mohamed Abd El-Halim
Prof.Dr.Ibrahim Hamed Hussein
Dr. Atif Ahmed Abdel-Hamid
Dr.Ezzat Mohamed Osman
Dr.Rabie Hassan Awad Soliman
Dr.Maher Fouad Ramdan
Dr.Shereen Hassan Mohammad
Dr.Nagat Hamid Abu El Hawail
Dr.Salwa Sayed Basha
Dr.Helmi Mohamed El-bendary
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