*Participation of the College of Dentistry in the Geniuses League competition      *Beginning of entrance exams for postgraduate students      *The Faculty of Dentistry - Fayoum University organizes a visit for students of Manarat Al-Andalus Private Schools Complex in Fayoum      *Meeting of the Administrative and Academic Council for Joint Programs Between Fayoum University and the Egyptian National E-Learning University      *Conclusion of the training program for the Women Leading Egyptian Governorates Program
Department Council
Department President

Prof.Dr.Mohamed Saad Bahnas (

Prof.Dr. Esmat Mohamed Omar
Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Mahmmed Maghammed Aly
Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Sayed Mohammad
Prof.Dr.Ensaf Ahmed Mohammad El-Full
Prof.Dr.Mona Sayed Ragab
Prof.Dr. Hanan Abdullah Hassan
Prof.Dr. Ali Mohammad Abdel-Azem
Dr.Galal Amin Ahmed Aram
Dr.Gehan Shaban Farhat
Dr.Bothaina Youssif Fouad Mahmoud
Dr. Ramdan Mohammad Salama Emam
Dr. Abdel-Azeem Sayed Abdel-Azeem Ahmed
Dr. Abd El-Wahab Abd El-Allah Abd El-Wahab Mahmoud
Dr.Shaaban Saad Ahmed Saad El-Nesr
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