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Dr.Taia Ali Abdel Mageed
Contact Information
Phone Number: 084 6356731                          
Fax Number: 084 6334964
E-mail Address: taa00@fayoum.edu.eg
Office: Agriculture Faculty Building
Postal Address: Fayoum - Fayoum University - Faculty of Agriculture - soils and water science Department - POBox: 63514
Academic Qualifications
B.Sc : Agricultural Science – Soil and Water – Cairo University – 2000
M.Sc. : Soil and Water – Cairo University – 2005
Academic Positions
Demonstrator : From 2001 To 2005
Assistant Lecturer : From 2005 To 2010.
Lecturer : From 2010 To 2016
Assistant Professor : From 2016 Up Till Now
Research Interests
soil physics
Water management and irrigation systems
Training of Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning Center (QASPC), Fayoum University,Egypt.
Description of syllabuses and programs of postt-graduatte sttudies (27 — 29 November 2012) QASPC. Fayoum University, Egypt.
Pre-TOT1 (4 — 8 November 2012) QASPC. Fayoum University, Egytt.
Geographiic iinformattiion systtem (GIS)" Training Program Organized by Faculty and Laboratory analysis of soil, watter and vegetation- Fayoum University.
Training of Facullty and Leadership Devellopment Projects (FLDP) Center, Fayoum University, Egypt.
International Publlishing of Research (21 — 23 December 2010) FLDP. Fayoum Uniiversiitty, Egypt.
Managementt of Research Team(18 — 20 December 2010) FLDP. Fayoum University, Egypt.
The Crediitt Hours Systtem(9 — 11 Octtober 2010) FLDP. Fayoum University, Egypt.
Effective Communication Skills (25 - 27 Septtember 2010) FLDP. Fayoum University, Egypt.
Student Evaluation and Examination Techniques (21 -- 23 Septtemberr 2010) FLDP.Fayoum University, Egypt.
University Teacher Preparation (26 Apriill — 4 June 2010) Faculty of Education. Fayoum University, Egypt.
Effecttiive Presenttattiion Skiilllls (24 - 26 December 2006) FLDP. Fayoum Uniiversiitty, Egypt..
Educattiion Usiing Technollogy (5 - 7 Augustt 2006) FLDP. Fayoum Uniiversiitty, Egypt.
Recentt ttrends iin tteachiing (15 - 17 Jully 2006) FLDP. Fayoum Uniiversiitty, Egypt
Metthods of sciienttiifiic research (8 - 11 Jully 2006) FLDP. Fayoum Uniiversiitty, Egypt
Mother tongue: Arabic
Computer skills:
- Good command of Miicrosoftt Offiice™ ttoolls
- Good command of computter (ICDL, 2010).
- Good command of statistical analysis program SPSS, GenStat and Siigmapllot
Inviited conference about maximizing irrigation efficiency in arid zone. June, 2012, instituto Valenciano Investigacion Agrars (IVIA, Vallenciia, Spaiin).
The 3rd conference for Sustainable Agricultural Development Organized by Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, Fayoum, Nov. 11-12, 2007.
The 5th conference for Sustainable Agriculltural Development
Organized by faculty of agriculture, Fayoum University, Fayoum, Des. 21-23, 2009.
The 6th conference for Sustainable Agricultural Development
Organized by Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, Fayoum, Des. 27-29, 2010
The Annual Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University (Participant as a faculty member).
Honours & Awards
Certificate of appreciation and Fayoum University award for distinguished academic publishing in the celebration of Fayoum University 6rd Science Day (2013).
Partnership and Ownership to Spain Institut Valenciano Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA), I do 3 papers on deficit irrigation
Netherlands Fellowship (NFP)UNESCO-"IHE Institute for Water Education ?Spate Irrigation and Water Management under Drought and Water
Member of the Egyptian society of soil sciences
Member of the Egyptian society of organic farming
Reviewer at Spanish journal of agricultural
A member of the Egyptian Organic production.
A member of Association of Agriculltural Occupations.
A member of Association of Service Society and Environmental Development in Fayoum.
Publication List
Assessment of several reference evapotranspiration estimation methods under coastal Mediterranean Conditions
Estimating reference evapotranspiration using modified Blaney-Criddle equation in arid region
Organo mineral fertilizer can mitigate water stress for cucumber production (Cucumis sativus L.).
Effect of deficit irrigation and growing seasons on plant water status, fruit yield and water use efficiency of squash under saline soil
Response of solanum melongena L. seedlings grown under saline calcareous soil conditions to a new organo-mineral fertilizer
Alleviation of cadmium toxicity in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants by the exogenous application of salicylic acid
Yield and water use efficiency of soybean/maize intercropping under deficit irrigation.
Effect of drip deficit irrigation and mulching on soil salinity, yield and water use efficiency of Squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed and Wael M Semida (2015). Organo miinerall ferttiilliizer can miittiigatte watter sttress for cucumber producttiion (Cucumiis sattiivus L..).. Journall of Agricultural Water Management 159 (2015) 1–10

Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed and Wael M Semida (2015).. Effectt of defiiciitt iirriigattiion and growiing seasons on pllantt watter sttattus,, fruiitt yiielld and watter use effiiciiency of squash under salliine soiill.. Sciienttiia Horttiiculltturae 186 (2015) 89–100

E. Badal, T..A.. Abd Ell-Mageed,, I. Buesa, D. Guerra, L. Bonet, D.S. Intrigliolo (2013)..Moderatte pllantt watter sttress reduces fruiitt drop of ?Rojjo Briillllantte? persiimmon(Diiospyros kakii) iin a Mediitterranean clliimatte.. Journall of Agriiculltturall Watter Managementt 119 (2013) 154– 160.

C. Ballester, J. Castel, T..A..,, Abd Ell-Mageed, J.R. Castel D.S. Intrigliolo(2014).Long-tterm effectts of defiiciitt iirriigattiion iin Cllementtiina de Nulles’ ciittrus ttrees.. Journall of Agriiculltturall Watter Managementt Journall of Agriiculltturall Watter Managementt 138 (2014) 78–84.

D.S. Intrigliolo, T.. A..Abd Ell-Mageed, M. Alaa, H. Medrano, J.R. Castel1, A.N. Lakso (2013).Improviing viine performance by modiifyiing daiilly lliightt iinttercepttiion patttterns iin verttiicalllly shoott posiittiioned grapeviines.. Actta Horttiicullttrea (under publication).

Taiia.. A.. Abd Ell-Mageed and M.H. Abd El-Wahed (2014).. Assessmentt of severall reference evapottranspiirattiion esttiimattiion metthods under coasttall Mediitterranean condiittiions.. Botthalliia Journall Voll.. 44,, No.. 7;; 169-182.

Mohamed ..H.. Abd Ell-Wahed and Taiia.. A.. Abd Ell-Mageed (2014).. Esttiimattiing reference evapottranspiirattiion usiing modiifiied Bllaney-Criiddlle equattiion iin ariid regiion Botthalliia Journall Voll.. 44,, No.. 7;; 183-195..

Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed; Wael M Semida; Mohamed Abd El-Wahed. (2015) .Yiielld and watter - use effiiciiency of Squash (Cucurbiitta pepo L..) under defiiciitt driip iirriigattiion and mullchiing matteriialls.. Journall of Agriiculltturall Watter Managementt (under press).

S. K. Abd-Elmabod; Anaya-Romero, M; Abd Ell-Mageed,, T.. A..; De la Rosa, D. (2010). Managementt Scenariios of Human Induced Degraded Soiills In Ell-Fayoum Depressiion,, Egyptt.. Nattiionall symposiium on conttroll of soiill degradattiion and susttaiinablle lland use Spaiin 20-3-2010.

Abd-Elmabod, S. K., R .R. Abd Ell-Mageed,, T.. A., M. Anaya-Romero, A. Jordan, M. Mu?oz-Rojas, L. M. Zavala, and D. de la Rosa (2012).Evalluattiing Soiill Degradattiion under Diifferentt Scenariios of Agriiculltturall Land Managementt iin Mediitterranean Regiion..(2012) Natture and Sciience,, 2012. httttp:////www..sciiencepub..nett//natture.

Waell M.. Semiida,, Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed,, S.. M.. Howlladar,, G.. F.. Mohamed and Mostafa M.. Rady (2015).. Response of sollanum mellongena ll.. seedlliings grown under salliine callcareous soiill condiittiions tto a new organo-miinerall ferttiilliizer The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, 25(2): 2015, Page: 485-493 ISSN: 1018-7081

Ibrahirn, A. M., El-Samnoudi, I. M, and. Abd Ell- Mageed,, T..A. (2006). Impactt of Salliiniitty Levells and Effecttiive Soiill Deptth on Sorghum Pllantts Grown In some Niille alllluviiall and Callcareous Soiills under Ell Fayoum Condiittiions.. Journall of Agriiculltturall and Devellopmentt,, Ell Fayoum Uniiv.. Egyptt

Wael M. Semida, Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed and Saad M.. Howlladar (2014)..A novell organo-miinerall ferttiilliizer can alllleviiatte negattiive effectts of salliiniitty sttress for eggpllantt producttiion on recllaiimed salliine callcareous soiill-Acta Hortiicullturae 1034,, 493- 500.

Waell M.. Semiida,, Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed and Mostafa M.. Rady (2014). Exogenous hydrogen peroxiide enhances tthe salltt- ttollerance iin oniion pllantts by iimproviing tthe acttiiviitty of anttiioxiidantt systtem.. Sciienttiia Horttiiculltturae.. (under press)

Wael M. Semida, Mostafa M. Rady, Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed,, Saad M. Howladar and Magdi T.Abdelhamid (2015). Alllleviiattiion of cadmiium ttoxiiciitty iin common bean (Phaseollus vullgariis L..) pllantts by tthe exogenous applliicattiion of salliicylliic aciid.. Journall of Horttiiculltturall Sciience & Biiottechnollogy (2015) 90 (1) 83–91.

Wael M. Semida, Taiia A.. Abd Ell-Mageed, Mostafa M. Rady. (2015). Exogenous ?-ttocopheroll modullattes some key physiiollogiicall attttriibuttes and anttiioxiidattiive defense systtem iin ttwo salltt-sttressed oniion cullttiivars.. Sciienttiia Horttiiculltturae.. (under press)

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