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Agricultural Production for Exporting in collaboration with Midwest American Universities

December 24, 2006  
   A seminar entitled "Agricultural Production for Exporting" was held at Prof. Dr. Saad Nassar's Convention Hall. It was steered by Prof. Dr. Abdel Azim Mohamed Mustafa, professor of Agricultural Economy at Fayoum University, Prof. Dr. Magda Soliman Abdullah, vice-dean of Faculty of Agriculture for Community Service and Environment Development and Prof. Dr. Samir Ahmed Seif Al Yazzal, dean of Faulty of Agriculture at Fayoum University.

The Seminar Pivots  
*Production of horticultural crops
*Exporting the horticultural crops to the European Union
*Problems confronting exports to the EU
*Production of the medicinal and aromatic plants in Fayoum
*Marketing the medicinal and aromatic plants in the EU
*The impact of checking samples way upon the agricultural exports
*Steps of registration the organic crops
*Growing the organic horticultural plants

Seminar Recommendations  
*Setting up a thorough database of the foreign trade in cooperation with the international trade points and commercial registration offices to have adequate information about the foreign markets; information relate to the legislations and laws governing the exporting markets, the world specifications, the commercial regulations –the customs constraints, the volume of demand for the product to be exported and the items required……..etc.

*Rationalizing the use of pesticides and following the international specifications which the countries need as well as using the compounds which enhance the plant natural immunity in order to overcome the fungal diseases and nematode

*Giving much care to the Sampling Way in order to make the label identical to the required product; analyzing the pesticides and pollutants residue in it to avoid the problems arising from the Sampling Way; 80% of these problems emerge from the mistakes made in the analysis results and this undoubtedly leads to the rejection of the product

*Attending and keeping the presence in the specialized international exhibitions for communications among the exporters
*promoting the advertising about the Egyptian product in the foreign markets
*raising the level of packaging and labeling as most of the exported cans have not reached the international specifications yet: neither in design nor the outer form
*facilitating the mission of the private sector in exporting the agricultural crops and products and deepening the communication between the farmer and the agricultural, exporting and industrial institutions via the cooperative societies

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