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Clean Farming and Safe Food

December 4, 2006 
   On December 4, 2006, a seminar entitled "Clean Farming and Safe Food" was held at Prof. Dr. Saad Nasser's Convention Hall. The seminar was steered by Prof. Dr. Samir Seif Al Yazzal, dean of Faculty of Agriculture, and Prof. Dr. Abdel Azim Mohamed Mustafa, professor of Agricultural Economy.

Seminar Main Pivots  
*nourishment and alternatives in the organic farms
*the economic sides of the clean farming
*the pollutants and safe food
*ways of stopping of generating the pests in the organic farms
*the effect of the pesticides on the public health

The seminar has recommended the following:  
*issuing the Egyptian organic farming law like what happened in some Arab countries
*issuing information bulletins about the banned pesticides and their safe alternatives
*activating the minister of agriculture 'decree no. 719 of 2005 concerning preventing the use of certain dangerous and poisonous pesticides as they pose a threat on the public health
*issuing a legislation about putting a recognized logo on the organic product to make it special and to provide protection for the consumer
*Equipping the Residual Pesticides and Heavy Elements in Foods Labs so as to raise the number of analyses of the residual poisons
*issuing a ministerial decision gives the Organic Farming Central Lab the right to check the companies and issuing the quality certificates to guarantee the safety of the organic product and the consumer

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