*Graduation Party for the Fourth Year Students           *Appointing Prof. Kamal Ghallab as Acting Dean of the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies for the Nile Basin Countries           *Faculty's Monthly Council Meeting for September 2020      *Meeting of the Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Committee Session No. 184      *Signing an Agreement between the Faculty of Agriculture and FAO in Egypt     


    Graduation Party for the Fourth Year Students  

   Today, Monday, 9/21/2020, the graduation Party for students of the fourth year, Departments of Horticulture- plant, was organized in the presence of all students and their parents, and the ceremony was supervised by the presence of Prof. Mona el Khashab, the Dean, Prof. Mostafa Rady, Prof. Ashraf Shawky, a number of faculty members of the college.
   All students were honored with the distribution of certificates of appreciation, and the faculty wished for them all excellence and success.

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