Faculty of DarulUloom

3rd Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference

Start Date:   13September2012

Expired Date:   15September2012


The Faculty of Dar Al Uloom is delighted to invite philosophers and experts to participate in the activities of the 3rd Department of Islamic Philosophy International Conference titled "Religion and its Impact on Cultural Interaction" on 26-27 November 2012.

    The meeting will be held under the auspices of Professor Abdel Hamid Abdel Tawab Sabry, President of Fayoum University, Professor Mamoon Abdel Halim Wagih, Dean of the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom and Conference Chair, and Professor Ahmed Arafat Al Kady, Chair of the Department of Islamic Philosophy.

Conference Topics:

The First Topic: Religion and Cultural Perspective

1-Concepts of religion between revelation and human perception

2-Religion and culture

3-Religion and cultural development

4-Interaction among nations and peoples

5-Religion and its role in human and social development

The Second Topic: Role of Religion in Sciences and Arts

1-Religion, science and mind

2-Emergence of sciences and arts in Islam (medicine – mathematics – astrology -…etc.)

3-Figures of Islamic civilization in difference domains

4-Religion and its role in the future

5-Civilizations: From conflict towards dialogue

6-Art and beauty from the Islamic perspective

The Third Topic: Religion and Cultural Interaction among Nations

1-Co-existence among nations

2-Cultural interaction and the role of the Islamic philosophical thought in civilization communication

3-Behavioural science in Islam and its role in cultural interaction

4-Religious pluralism in Arab and Western communities

5-Role of literature in cultural interaction

6- Religious controversy and its impact on cultural interaction

 The Fourth Topic: Religion and Enlightenment

1-Concepts about enlightenment

2-Enlightenment schools in the Islamic thought

3-Prophecy and enlightenment in man's history

4-New trends of religious thought in Islam

5-Western enlightenment movement and its position towards religion

Registration Fees

-For Egyptians participating with a research paper: LE 500 with coffee/tea breaks and buffet lunches  included

-For Egyptians participating as observers: LE 300

-For non-Egyptians participating with a research paper: US$ 350 with and accommodation lunches included.

-For non-Egyptians participating as observers: US$ 250

Submission of Papers

Abstracts and full papers are to be addressed to the attention of the Conference Moderator at the following address:

Department of Islamic Philosophy – Faculty of Dar Al Uloom – Fayoum University

Or by e-mail: