Faculty of DarulUloom

Dean Elections: Invitation to vote

Start Date:   21September2011

Expired Date:   24September2011


The Supervisory Committee on Faculty Leaders Elections invites the faculty staff members to participate and cast their ballots.
The six candidates running for dean position are:

1-Prof. Ahmed Arafat al-Kady, Professor, Department of Islamic Philosophy
2-Prof. Salah El-din Mohammad Nawar, Chair, Department of Islamic History and Civilization
3-Prof. Abdelbary Mohammad Al-Tahar, Professor, Department of Islamic History and Civilization
4-Prof. Farid Awad Hedar, chair, Department of Linguistics
5-Prof. Mohammad Abuel Magd Ali, Chair, Department of Literature
7-Prof. Mostafa Ibrahim Al-Dabee, Vice-Dean, Community Service and Environment Development