Faculty of DarulUloom


2019-01-24 Horaires de cours pour la deuxième année pour le deuxième semestre 2018/2019
2019-01-23 Nomination du Prof. Dr. Emam Mohammed Abd El Fattah , au poste d'un doyen de la Faculté de Dar Al Uloum
2019-01-21 Réunion du conseil de la faculté, janvier 2019
2014-06-12 E-Portal Team Follow-up Visit
2014-06-5 Congratulations Dr. Mahmoud Bakr
2014-05-12 Congratulations Dr. Abdullah Ragab
2014-05-11 Students' Affairs Committee Meeting
2014-04-8 Open Sports Day
2014-04-2 Education and Students' Affairs Committee April Meeting
2014-04-2 Student Petitions to be reviewed
2014-04-2 Graduate Studies and Research Committee April Meeting
2014-04-1 Dates for meetings
2014-04-1 Language Training Center Meeting
2014-04-1 Gail Wa'ee Student Organization Holds its First Cultural Salon
2014-04-1 DSASU appoints new deputy director
2014-03-25 Lecture on "Teachers' Psychological Preparation"
2014-03-23 Alumni Affairs Center Updates Data
2014-03-23 Lecture on "Discourse"
2014-03-23 Council of Rhetoric and Literary Criticism Holds March Meeting
2014-03-21 Executive Office Meeting for Discussing Term Plan
2014-03-20 Congrats to Mr. Ehab Khaled Al Sharkawy
2014-03-20 Congrats to Ms. Fatma Abdel Fattah Abdel Sattar
2014-03-5 Vice Dean for Graduate Studies attends workshop with graduate students
2014-03-5 Language Training Center Appoints New Director
2014-03-5 Language Training Center Appoints New Deputy Director
2014-03-2 Professor Adel Dorgham publishes new book
2014-03-2 Alumni Affairs Unit Appoints New Director
2014-03-2 Alumni Affairs Unit Appoints New Deputy Director
2014-02-27 Dr. Amany Sayed Mohamed Mohamed appointed lecturer
2014-02-27 Dr. Mohamed Hashem Abdel Salam appointed lecturer
2014-01-7 Midyear exams run as planned
2014-01-3 Fourth year exam schedule altered
2013-09-26 Dr. Yasser Hashish appointed as director of e-portal and information coordinator
2013-09-25 Mr. Elsayed Mubarak Abu Zayd appointed as deputy director of Quality Assurance Unit
2013-09-5 Prof. Mohamed Egila appointed chair of Linguistics Department
2013-09-5 Dr. Wageh Al Shaimy promoted to professor f Islamic Law
2013-09-5 Meeting of the Grammar Department Council for September 2013
2013-09-5 Meeting of the Literature Department Council for September 2013
2013-09-5 Petition relevant to Applied Grammar Course examined
2013-05-29 Dr. Hamda Mohammad Ibrahim gets PhD degree
2013-05-29 Dr. Mohammad Hamed Egila promoted to professor of linguistics
2013-05-29 Bayoumy Mohamed Bayoumy successfully defends his PhD proposal
2013-05-15 Graduate Studies Committee Meeting for May 2013
2013-05-15 University President Witnesses Faculty of Dar al-Uloom Council Meeting
2013-05-15 Faculty of Dar al-Uloom holds Alumni Day and 2nd Employment Fair
2013-04-2 Alumni Affairs Unit holds meeting with senior students
2013-04-2 Mohamed Selim successfully defends his PhD dissertation
2013-03-13 Results of first grade released
2013-03-13 Master's Seminar for March 2013
2013-03-12 Results of second grade released