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    Reception Ceremony for Freshmen and Continuing Students  

   Under the generous patronage of Prof. Yasser Magdi Hatata, President of the University, and under the supervision of Prof. Mohamed Hamed Agila, Acting Dean of the Faculty and Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations, and Prof. Salah Abdel Moez Al-Ashiry, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Education and Student Affairs, and Prof. Ihab Khalid, Coordinator of Student Activities at the Faculty, and Mr. Tarek El-Agry, Director of the Youth Welfare Department at the Faculty, and with the organization and participation of the Faculty's Student Union and the Students for Egypt family, the Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom is honored to invite you to the freshman and continuing students' welcome ceremony. The ceremony will be held on Monday 31st October 2022 at 12pm in the Auditorium (1) on the ground floor of the Sibawayh Building.

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