Faculties of Education Enhancement Project (FOEP)            
 Project vision:

 The FOEP aims at achieving a comprehensive development and modernization for the faculties of education that goes along with the international scientific, and professional developments and at the same time takes into consideration the characteristics of the Egyptian society in general and the characteristics of each faculty in particular with respect to its environment, in addition considering total quality as an approach for enhancement.

 Strategic targets of FOEP

Strategic targets of the Faculties of Education Enhancement Project:
 1. Creating an appropriate environment for development that support the mission and conceptual framework of these faculties.

 2. Reforming teacher preparation system at all levels, with a view to technology and training.

 3. Enhancing professional development of teaching staff and their assistants.

 4. Improving infrastructure quality of the faculties of education labs and equipment.

 5. Ensuring quality performance of the faculties of education.

 6. Adopting faculties’ self-reform approach.

 7. Associating project activities with public schools and other enhancement projects.

 8. Establishing a follow-up and evaluation system.

 The Achievements of the Project :

*Providing 26 education faculties with laboratories and equipments in the fields of education, science, and languages.

 • Finishing the preparation, revision, and printing of courses and distributing them to universities and to faculties of education.

 • Preparing the internal regulation the faculties of education to be accredited from the National Committee, Sector Committee, and the Supreme Council of Universities.

 • Issuing the ministerial decrees allowing the application of the new internal regulation in some faculties of education starting from the year 2005/2006.

 • Developing the internal regulations for 12 faculties of education.

 • Providing the faculties of education with educational programs and scientific experiments (software).

 • Implementing the programs of the professional development for faculty members in the faculties of education in different fields such as:

     Teaching for teachers.     Use of Information Technology in teaching.
 English language.     Scientific research in education.
    International Computer Driving License (ICDL)     Writing scientific research.
   E-learning       Performance appraisal.
    Practical education.  

 • Applying the college-based reform projects through the implementation of the projects submitted by the faculties of education as 54 projects were selected and financed.
 *Applying quality assurance and accreditation projects in 19 faculties to prepare the internal quality system and a self-assessment study.

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