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Dean's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you at the site of the Faculty of Nursing - Fayoum University. The Faculty has a prominent and active role in the massive developments taking place in the nursing profession now. Follow-up has become a necessity for permanent search of development for graduates as angles of mercy who become owners of a humanitarian mission; having the respect of the whole community. It necessary for all college students to know learning and education policy within this faculty of nursing is the permanent upgrading of university education to suit the health sector in order to graduate specialized staff in the areas of nursing, which can – with the developments and studies – to have all the technical and educational skills to provide health care to patients best level. We all know that the Faculty of Nursing offers its students curricula and courses that contribute to the scientific and practical skills development in a distinguished way to supply the labor market inside and outside Egypt of such cadres and to be the examples who can represent nursing staff inside and outside Egypt and have the technical and scientific skill required to compete at local and global levels.

Prof. Dr. Talal Ahmed Abdel- Raheem
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