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General Manager

Mr. AbdElfattah Ahmed AbdElfattah ElMelegi
Faculty Director-General

Departments Management
Ms.Siham Abdel Aziz Student Affairs
Ms. Dalal ElSayed Ismaile Speical Cadre
Mr. Hend Zain Elabidin Ahmed Alumni Affairs
Ms. Amal Ali Mohamed Gad Youth Welfare
Mr. Walid Nazer Legal Affairs
Mr.Sobhy Yousef Ismail Mohamed Financial Affairs
Ms. Ola Ibrahim Metwaly Library
Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan Medical Unit
Ms.Samah Abu El-Harith Abd ElTawab Special funds
Ms. Noura Sayed Ahmed Personnel Affairs
Mr. Ahmed Elashiey Ahmed Stores
Ms.Wafaa Ahmed Ragab receivables
Mr.Shaban Mohammed Abd ElGhaffar Maintenance
Mr.Abu Harith Abdel Tawab Abdel-Maksoud Treasury


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Mailing address: University of Fayoum - the building of the Faculty SpecificEducation - zip code: 63514

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