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    Plastic Art Exhibition "Contemporary Plastic Vision"  

   Vice-President of Fayoum University for Community Service and Environmental Development Prof. Dr. Abdel Hamid Abdel Tawab inaugurated on Tuesday 31/3/2009 the Plastic Art Exhibition titled "Contemporary Plastic Vision". Organized by the fourth year students of Faculty of Specific Education on Photography, the exhibition was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Gohary, President of Fayoum University. The inauguration ceremony was attended by a number of high profile figures including Prof. Dr. Sayed Saleh Sayed, Dean of Faculty of Specific Education, Prof. Dr. FawzyAbdel Samie, vice-dean for Education and Students, Prof. Dr. Ekram Hashem, vice-dean for Community Service and Environmental Development in addition to a number of the faculty staff. The exhibition included a wide variety of unique and unusual artworks works of art, which can be viewed as an attempt to find new formulations of the relations between forms in order to compose an unusual but meaningful portrait. In addition, this attempt sought to make use of the plastic raw materials as their textures are among the elements of artistic composition, which is based on the utilization of materials in molding structures overlapping with each other to form a system of plastic arts in a whole unit. All this is confirmed by the interdependence of all elements working together in a colorful harmony.

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