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    Workshops at Faculty of Specific Education  

   Three workshops were held at Faculty of Specific Education with the aim of spreading the national standards of the performance of specific education teachers in the different specializations in the faculty (Art Education, Education Technology, Home Economics). Prof. Dr. Sayed Saleh, Faculty Dean, Prof. Dr. Fawzy Abdel Samie, vice dean for education, Prof. Dr. Akram Hashem, vice dean for Community Service and Environment Development, all teaching staff members, their assistants and a great number of students were present. The main aim which was behind holding these workshops was to spread the culture of standards according to the program of setting-up internal quality systems in faculties of specific education, as well as getting acquainted with the concept of standards and their importance. They were also concerned with paving the way for opinion poll about the standards of the performance of specific education teachers. Coordinators of Art Education Workshop: Dr. Wael Fathi, Dr. Abeer Yasin, Dr. Ola el Yamani Coordinators of Education Technology Workshop: Dr. Nader Shiemy, Ms. Nohir Taha Coordinators of Home Economics Workshop: Dr. Amal Awis, Dr. Wafaa Mohamed Khalil

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