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    Faculty of Specific Education Annual Exhibition Inaugurated  

   Marking a further impetus to fruitful cooperation between Faculty of Specific Education and Business Entrepreneurship Support Tools (Best), a center specialized in manufacturing hand-made carpets has been set up. The new center is under the umbrella of Community Service and Environmental Development Center of the university environment and aims to support the training of 20 young graduates to preserve the heritage of hand-made carpet in Al Fayoum. In a related development, Prof. Dr. Ahmed El Gohary, President of Fayoum University, inaugurated on Sunday 12/4/2009 the "Faculty of Specific Education Annual Exhibition", which was held in collaboration with BEST. The exhibition contained hand-made carpets made by the graduates. The inauguration ceremony was attended by a number of high profile figures, including Prof. Dr. Sayed Saleh Sayed, dean of Faculty of Specific Education, Prof. Dr. Ekram Hashem, vice-dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Fawazy Abdel Samie, vice-dean for Education and Students, heads of departments as well as the faculty staff. The exhibition featured some art works, embroidery works, clothes, sculpture, carpentry, hand-made carpets and some graphics and drawings in addition to handicrafts.

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