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    Discussing a PhD Thesis in Curricula, Specializing in Educational Technology  

   Based on the approval of Prof. Vice President of the University and the approval of the discussion board chaired by Prof. Rakhimbaeva Inga Erlinovna on 29-6-2022 to form a judging and discussion committee for the doctoral dissertation submitted by researcher Muhammad Ramadan Abdelghani Attia at Saratov State Research University, entitled:
   " Formation of Students' Skills in Solving Educational Problems Through Adaptive Tests "
   The judging and discussion committee included:
   - Prof. Rakhimbaeva Inga Erlinovna,
  Chairman of the Committee;
   - Prof. Kandaurova Inessa Konstantinievna,
  Committee secretary;
   Prof. Aksenovskaya Ludmila Nikolaevna,
   Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Saratov University, member;
   - Prof. Grigorieva Marina Vladimirovna,
   Head of the Department of Psychology, Saratov University, member;
   - Prof, Zhelezovskaya Galina Ivanovna,
   Curriculum Professor, Saratov University, member;
   Prof. Igoshin Vladimir Ivanovich...
   Professor at Engineering Department, Saratov University, member;
    Prof. Kosyrev Vasily Petrovitch,
   Professor of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, member;
   Prof. Filipchenka Svetlana Nikolaevna.
   Curriculum Professor, Saratov University, member;
   - Dr. Pleshkevich Evgeny Alexandrovich, Assistant Professor at the State Scientific and Technical Public Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk), member;
   - Prof. Sakharchuk Elena Ivanovna,
   Professor of Social Pedagogical University of Volgograd, member;
   Prof. Selivanova Yulia Viktorovna,
   Professor of Sociology, Saratov University, member;
   - Prof. Sergeeva Svetlana Vasilievna,
   Professor of Penza State Technological University, member;
   - Prof. Shakurova Marina Viktorovna,
   Professor at Voronezh State Pedagogical University, member;
   Prof. Shukshina Tatyana Ivanovna,
   Professor of Mordovian State Pedagogical University, member.
   The committee met in the above formation at 10 am, on Monday, 9/19/2022, in the discussion hall of Saratov State Research University. The researcher's discussion was public, and it continued until 12 pm. day.
   After deliberation, the committee decided, unanimously (14 votes), to grant the researcher, Muhammad Ramadan Abdul-Ghani Attia, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Curricula.
   Fayoum University Council approved the appointment of Mr. Mohamed Ramadan Abdel-Ghani Attia, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Education Technology, Faculty of Specific Education, in the position of (Lecturer) in the same department.

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