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    Opening of (Excerpts from Jewelry) Exhibition  

   Prof. Yasser Magdi Hatata, President of Fayoum University, opened an art exhibition by Prof. Mona Mohamed El-Agry, Professor of Metalwork and Jewelery and Head of the Art Education Department (formerly), on Wednesday, 17-8-2022, at 10 am, in the Revolution Hall, at the Faculty of Specific Education, Fayoum University, in the presence of:
   Prof. Muhammad Farouk Al-Khabiri, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs;
   Prof. Arafa Sabry Hassan, Vice President for Graduate Studies, Cultural Relations and Research;
   Prof. Ahmed Fathi Ayat, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education;
   the vice-deans of the Faculty, and Dr. Emad Abdel-Salam, the media advisor to the President of Fayoum University.
   The exhibition included a number of pendants of metal crafts inspired by African art, and made of silver, precious stones, gold plate, in addition to red copper and brass.

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