2015-08-19 Prof. Abdel Hamid Hussein appointed as Dean
2015-08-3 Dr. Ehab Mohammed ElSayed appointed as Assistant Professor
2015-05-27 Congratulations Dr. Nagah Youssef Abdel-tawab
2015-05-27 Congratulations Dr. Mohamed Salah Eldin Mohamed
2015-05-27 Congratulations Prof.Dr. Magdy Ahmed Tawfik
2015-02-26 Congratulations Dr. Khaled Abdel Fattah Mohamed
2014-08-20 Congratulations to Dr. Amal M. Zaky
2014-05-20 Dr. Amal M. Zaki Eldin successfully defends her master's thesis
2014-05-18 Dr. Mgady Rashad appointed assistant professor
2014-05-18 Congrats to Dr. Hend Rabie
2014-05-18 Congrats to Dr. Yomna Radwan
2014-05-14 IT Unit Team Meeting
2014-02-27 Dr. Noha Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed appointed lecturer
2014-02-27 Dr. Hoda Kamel Mohamed Al Shiekh appointed lecturer
2014-02-27 Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu-Ria appointed as assistant professor
2013-05-15 Dr. Mohamed Desoky appointed lecturer of Medieval European History
2013-05-15 Dr. Abdel Latif Fayez appointed lecturer of Roman and Greek history
2013-04-24 Dr. Nabila Marzouk appointed manager of CDC
2013-04-23 Graduation Ceremony of Philosophy and Psychology Students
2013-04-23 Festivity to celebrate graduation of fourth year students
2013-03-31 Ms. Omiama Sobhy appointed lecturer of Arabic Language
2013-03-31 Ms. Hoda Mohamed Abdel Rahman appointed lecturer of philosophy
2013-03-17 Prof. Mohamed Fouad Khalil appointed vice-dean for Education and Students' Affairs
2013-03-17 Dr. Sayed Mahmoud Abdelal appointed acting chair of history department
2013-02-10 Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Abd Al-salam reappointed director of LTC
2013-02-3 Prof. Hanaa Nazir appointed acting vice-dean of INSSSR
2013-01-29 Postgraduate Studies and Research Council holds meeting
2013-01-23 Central library committee holds meeting
2013-01-1 Dr. Sherin Abdel Wahab Ahmed appointed lecturer
2012-12-31 Congrats to honorees on 5th Commencement Day
2012-12-13 Geography faculty members honored
2012-12-3 Seminar on Bibliotherapy
2012-12-3 Students of Secondary Sports School Visit Faculty of Tourism
2012-12-3 Mustafa Al Hawary Secondary School girls visit Faculty of Tourism
2012-11-7 Dr. Hanaa Nazir appointed vice-dean of INSSSR
2012-10-4 Congratulations to Dr. Hany Ali Said
2012-06-7 Faculties of Arts Committee Visits Faculty of Archaeology
2012-05-22 Community Service and Environment Development Council holds meeting
2012-05-8 Lecture highlights importance of satellites
2012-04-22 Fayoum Arts School celebrates 2011 Commencement
2012-04-11 Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-salam appointed Acting Chair of English Language Department
2012-04-10 Dr. Amina Baiomy appointed chair of Sociology Department
2012-03-12 Faculty of Arts 1st International Conference Opens
2012-03-7 University President Opens New Facilities at Faculty of Arts
2011-12-21 Arts School organizes seminar on scientific research
2011-12-15 Mohammad AlKhuzamy Aziz appointed professor
2011-12-11 Dr. Mohamed Alsharnoubi appointed Acting Director of INBSSR
2011-11-28 Fatma Soliman Successfully Defends her Master’s Thesis
2011-11-28 Rehab Ibrahim Successfully Defends her Master’s Thesis
2011-11-15 Arts Building with decorated front