Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence


2022-12-22 Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence Honors Theater Team
2022-12-19 Congratulations to the Student / Abd El-Hady Mohamed Kassem
2022-12-19 Congratulations to Prof. Sherien Tayea
2022-12-19 Acknowledgment to Prof. Masoud Ismail
2022-12-11 University Student Union Elections for the Academic Year 2022-2023
2022-05-30 Faculty of Computers and Information Held a symposium about Diabetes
2022-04-27 The Final Result of the Best Muezzin Contest
2022-04-27 Results of the Best Poster Competition at the University Faculties Level
2022-04-26 Appointment of Dr. Esraa Mohamed Hashem as General Coordinator for International Students at Fayoum University
2022-04-19 Collective Ramadan Iftar at the Faculty of Computers and Information
2022-04-18 Condolences
2022-04-13 The Participation of the Faculty of Computers and Information in the Ramadan Competition for Egyptian Boy Scouts
2022-04-12 Regularity of Mid-term Exams for the Second Term of the Faculty of Computers and Information
2022-04-10 The Faculty of Computers and Information Participates in the Hult Prize Competition
2016-05-18 Dean attend the Conference of Computer Science and Informatics sector
2016-05-18 FCI for first place at the university level in the programming contest (IEEE (C.P.C))
2016-05-18 Dean meeting with Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and director of the college
2016-05-17 Oral exam for Physics First Division
2016-05-15 It began college exams Altkhalafat
2016-05-12 Oral exam Fourth Year substance neural networks
2016-05-12 Congratulations to the engineer / names of Hashem Abdel Tawab
2016-05-8 Practical exams at the Faculty of Computing and Information
2016-04-27 Congratulations to outstanding students
2016-04-21 Congratulations to Dr. / Amira Mohamed Ibrahim for being appointed as an Assistant Professor
2016-04-20 Students Forum eighteenth current 2016
2016-04-20 The appointment of Dr. / Amira Mohamed Ibrahim, an Assistant Professor
2016-04-19 Celebration FCI former of agents
2016-04-17 A seminar on the latest technology used incloud computing & Virualization
2016-04-17 Libraries Committee April meeting 2016
2016-04-17 Cultural Relations Committee Meeting April 2016
2016-04-17 Commission laboratory and scientific equipment April 2016 meeting
2016-04-17 The Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development April 2016 meeting
2016-04-14 Congratulations to Dr. / Massoud Ismail Masood
2016-04-14 Opening the door to run in the contest "a book in the field of youth development."
2016-04-14 Graduation Ceremony 2015/2016 boost to the students of the Faculty of Computing and Information
2015-08-3 Dr. Hisham Abdel Azim Ismail appointed as Lecturer
2015-07-1 Graduation Projects Discussion
2015-06-24 Dean attends Fayoum University Council
2015-06-22 Dean attends Deans Council
2015-06-21 Community Service & Environmental Development Committee Meeting
2015-06-21 Libraries Committee Meeting
2015-06-21 Cultural Relations Committee Meeting
2015-06-21 Education & Students Affairs Committee Meeting
2015-06-21 Committee of labs& equipments meeting
2015-06-21 Dean attends Graduate Studies Faculty Council
2015-06-18 Happy Ramadan
2015-06-18 Dr. Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim appointed as MIS Vice-Director
2015-06-16 Eng. Israa Mohammed Hashem appointed assistant lecturer
2015-06-16 Congratulations Eng. ISraa Mohammed Hashem
2015-06-13 General External Review Cycle