Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence
  Opening the door to run in the contest "a book in the field of youth development."

Arab Talnalnizh for Administrative Development in cooperation with Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Development Foundation Alansanhanafth door to run in international competition, "a book in the field of youth development" in order to encourage those interested in the fields of scientific research on the interest in the issues related to young people and development so as to help the development of human cadres capable of confronting internal challenges and external in the rapidly changing world, the winner of the book gets a $ 30,000 US cash prize and a certificate of honor and honor the winner at a ceremony held specifically for this event and the award is presented secretariat support necessary for the issuance of the book had to run applications until June 30, 2016 note that the terms of the competition and how to participate and form stand available on site official contest:www.arado.org/youth