Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence
  Celebration FCI former of agents

Family FCI celebrated on Sunday 17/04/2016 the birth of new life successful, God willing, for each of the D / Mohammed Mohammed al-Rubaie and Vice Dean for Education and former students, as well as the D / Najla Rashid and Vice Dean for Community Services and former Environment to attain sovereignty legal age of separation and the beginning of new life. The college also celebrated Petrqy d / Amira Idris to the rank of Assistant Professor of Information Systems faculty department initiated the celebration. D / Dean words of thanks and praise and love in the spirit of the same family and then eating the celebration of the exchange of words between the attendees of their celebrated in the spirit of friendship and love between family members one o'clock and provide everyone with all the Thanksgiving Mapzlth D / Dean to create this spirit that combines the family of college, lending all the joy and pleasure.