Faculty of Specific Education


2022-11-29 A Visit from Al-Resala Private School Students
2022-11-26 Opening of (Excerpts from Jewelry) Exhibition
2022-11-25 Discussing a PhD Thesis in Curricula, Specializing in Educational Technology
2022-11-16 Opening of (Rhythmic Tweets) Exhibition, Artworks
2022-11-16 Fifth Small Industries Exhibition
2022-11-16 A PhD Thesis Discussion, Art Education Department, sculpture Specialization
2022-11-12 A Seminar on the Occasion of Al-Mawlid al-Nabawi
2022-11-12 Opening of “Motional Rhythms” Exhibition, Wall Hangings, Metal Works
2021-05-31 Congratulation
2017-09-28 An open meeting for the members of the faculties with Prof. Dr. President of the university
2017-04-18 tahniat llilakhuh alaqiba
2015-08-3 Dr. Islam Gomaa Khalaf appointed as Lecturer
2014-06-15 E-Portal Team Follow-up Visit
2014-06-5 Congratulations Dr. Ghada Yasin Yusuf
2014-05-7 Heritage Vision Art Exhibit Opened
2014-05-5 Achievements Attained by Sports Committee
2014-05-5 Artistic Touches Art Exhibit Opened
2014-04-3 Congratulations Dr. Shaimaa Yusuf
2014-03-31 Congratulations Dr. Amany Saad Gaber
2013-09-25 Dean meets with academics
2013-09-24 Dr. Mona Al-Agry appointed as acting chair of Art Education Department
2013-03-28 Dr. Heba Al Shoshany appointed assistant professor
2013-03-28 Workshop for second year students majoring in art education
2013-03-25 Clean up Campus Day
2013-03-23 Soccer Team Beats Faculty of Social Work’s Soccer Team
2013-03-19 Results of 2nd and 3rd rounds of student union elections come out
2013-01-27 The Scientific and Technological Committee made great achievements during December 2012
2013-01-20 Achievements of the Social Committee of Youth Welfare for 2012/2013
2013-01-17 Mona Ramadan won third place in ideal student contest
2013-01-17 Congratulations to dean and vice-deans
2013-01-17 Administrative staff of the DSASC
2013-01-17 Hoda Mohammad appointed lecturer
2013-01-17 Achievements of the Art Committee for December
2013-01-17 Shymaa Saber Sayed appointed lecturer
2013-01-17 Specific Education Students Shine at Quran and Hadith Contests
2013-01-15 Prof. Hesham Eldib reappointed acting vice-dean for community service and environment development
2013-01-15 Congratulations to Prof. Gamal Abdellah
2013-01-15 Achievements of the Sports Committee of Youth Welfare for 2012/2013
2013-01-9 Congratulations to Prof. Ahsraf Abdel Hafiz Radwan
2013-01-9 Specific Education students take first-term exams
2013-01-2 Mr. Sobhy Yousef appointed Chair of Financial Affairs Department
2013-01-1 Dr. Sahar Soltan and Ms. Hoda Mohammad Honored
2013-01-1 Mrs. Dalal El Sayed Ismael appointed chair of Special Cadre Department
2012-12-30 Dr. Rabab Mohamed El Sayed promoted to assistant professor
2012-11-28 University President Opens Paintings Gallery
2012-10-9 Dr. Shaaban Mohamad Mahmoud Nominated by Marquis Who's Who
2012-10-9 Naser Ali appointed secretary-general of Archaeology Faculty
2012-04-26 Etab Nabil promoted to assistant lecturer
2012-04-2 Researcher Mohammad Shabaan awarded MSc. Degree ……..Congratulations!
2012-01-31 Achievements of Youth Welfare during the first term 2011/2012