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English Language and Literature
The Department of English Language and Literature at Faculty of Arts, Fayoum University, empowers graduates with language skills, thinking strategies, problem-solving techniques, and a solid cultural background to prepare them for the job opportunities available upon graduation. It prepares graduates to deal with a fast-changing, technologically advanced, and culturally diverse local and regional context shaped by international phenomena.

The Department of English Language and Literature, one of the main departments of the Faculty of Arts, pursues to prepare cadres and specialists in English language and literature to keep pace with the international standards as well as attaining the national goals for the development of society via contributing to solving its problems in addition to planning for a better future.

1- Focusing on the acquisition of language skills and work on their development to commensurate with the requirements of the labor market.

2 - Emphasizing the importance of cultural interaction with others through access to world cultures.

3 - Promoting the linguistic and literary creativity in theory and in practice.

4 - Supporting scientific research that serves society and humanity.

5 - Establishing mutual respect for the moral and intellectual values of civilizations

Objectives :
1 - Providing educational courses of excellent quality at the undergraduate stage.

2 - Providing postgraduate programs serving the community and enriching the human heritage.

3 - Enriching the cultural and intellectual life through translation and literary creativity.

4 - Strengthening the role of the humanities for the advancement of society.

5 – Producing high-caliber specialists in English able to deal with rapid changes in a world characterized by globalization and cultural convergence.
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