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**Psychology is the scientific study of the way the human mind works and how it influences behaviour, or the influence of a particular person's character on their behaviour.
Psychology involves observing and studying human or animal mental functions and erotic sexual behaviors. Moreover, it studies such phenomena as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, motivation, personality, behavior and interpersonal relationships. The Department of Psychology provides students with transferable skills central to contemporary workplaces.

From the perspective of psychology, paying due attention to the psychological state of individuals is of paramount importance in building a healthy, sound society.
This is because the psychological state of individuals, whether positive or negative, is one of the indicators of compatibility or incompatibility with the life and the ability to communicate and to meet the pressures of life. All this, of course, leads to community development. Pursuant to this perspective, the developed communities, and then followed by other communities, have had interest in the psychological aspects of individuals in an attempt to coexist with the cultural progress and its steady increase. Therefore, there is an urgent need for psychology with its various branches, such as counseling psychology, criminal psychology, military psychology and many other related disciplines. Moreover, in each area of knowledge, there is a branch of psychology concerns in the first place with the improvement of the psychological state of individuals.

The Department of Psychology is interested in building a healthy, sound society via producing individuals able to cope with the hardships of life and communicate with each other effectively.

Objectives :
1- The development of character positive aspects through group activities to inculcate creativity and self-confidence in students.
2- Training students on conducting psychological tests that measure some psychological aspects such as anxiety, depression, stress ... etc., in addition to involving in collective activities for the preparation of remedial programs for examining the negative aspects which adversely affect the academic achievement of students.
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