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Sociology is the study of people in their social context. Sociology focuses on observing and studying the behavior of people as members of a group. It enables students to understand and address important personal, local, national and global concerns. The Department of Sociology provides students with transferable skills central to contemporary workplaces.

Producing a highly-qualified graduate characterized by the ability to acquire knowledge and thinking skills, the active participation in social sciences and humanities, creativity and ability to compete in the labor market and meeting its challenges.

Supplying the society with a generation of experts, specialists and leaders who can contribute to the development of society and human culture as well as adhering to civil commitment.

Objectives :
*Providing the community with learners and tank thinkers.

* Offering a comprehensive education in social sciences and humanities as well as adopting the talented.

* Helping students further develop their research skills and achieve their academic and personal aspirations.

* Developing individual skills such as criticism, effective analysis and creative work, including bridging the gap between theory and practice.

* Contributing effectively to society.

* Giving access to postgraduate programs to help qualify highly-specialized researchers in addition to the employment of modern technologies in the service of applied research.

* Producing an effective, innovative and professional citizen able to work efficiently.

* Providing graduates with transferable skills central to contemporary workplaces.

* Enriching the cultural and intellectual life of the community.

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