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The Department of French Language and Literature is famous for its openness to universal cultures and its focus on preparing its graduates for the job market. The department also organizes intensive French language courses to enhance students’ language abilities.


Creating a galaxy of graduates able to take full advantage of modern technology and means of self-development to contribute to scientific research.

The Department of French Language and Literature empowers students with language skills and cultural knowledge to prepare them for the job market. They may pursue a career in translation and teaching, among other options. Indeed, the department focuses on preparing students for the profession of teaching through offering courses on teaching methodology and the new techniques of teaching the French language as well as organizing training for them at schools of all levels. Moreover, the department aims to disseminate French language and culture in the province in an attempt to keep pace with scientific development because of the importance of French language in the contemporary world

Objectives :
1 – Starting the study at the department when having the required number of teaching staff members besides changing the department's Internal Regulations, to bring it into line with circumstances of students wishing to enroll in it.

2 – Developing the Department of French Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, to produce a highly-qualified graduate as well as a distinguished teaching staff member.
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