*University President's Decision to Apply the Minimum Salaries      *Minister of Environment and Fayoum Governor Inspect Sustainable Transport Project      *Honoring Fayoum University President in the Ninth Forum of the Egyptian Archaeologists Union      *Fayoum University Announces 2019/2020 as Commitment Year      *Prof. AdlySaadawiparticipatesin the International Water Security Summit in Morocco
Department Council
Department President

Prof.Dr.Youssef sayed Mahmoud


Prof.Dr. Morad Saleh Morad
Prof.Dr.Mohamad Mohamad Sakran
Dr. Nemat Hafez Haroun
Dr. Salwa Ramdan Mohamad
 Dr. Ola AbdElrehiem Mohamed
 Dr. Asmaa Abdelsalam
 Dr. Mahmoud Omar
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