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Faculty Council
Prof.Dr. Khaled EL-Khashab Dean and Chair of Council
Prof.Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Fawzy Essawy Vice-Dean, Postgraduate Studies and Research
Prof.Dr. Manal Niazi Mohamed El Said Vice-Dean, Community Service and Environment Development
Prof. Dr. Hala AbdElMagid Moslem Shahin Acting Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ashraf Wegdan Chair, Academic Departments
Prof.Dr.Somia Mohamed El-Gohary Chair, Department of Clinical Pathology
Prof.Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Fawzy Essawy Chair, Department of General Surgery
Prof.Dr.Mahar Abu Bakr Al Amir Chair, Department of Internal Medicine
Prof.Dr. Mohamed AL-Hawary Chair, Department of Radiology
Prof. Dr.Hossam Abd Elghaffar Chair, Department of Ear, Nose and Throat
Prof.Dr. Nashwa Samra Chair, Department of Pediatrics
Prof. Dr. Hala Abdel Magid Shahin Chair, Departments of Internal Medicine
Dr. Mohamed Kamal Seif Enasr Acting Chair, Department of Urology
Prof. Dr. Sawsen Abdel Aziz Sadek Professor Emeritus
Prof.Dr.Talal Ahmed Abdel- Raheem Chair, Dermatology Unit
Prof.Dr. kamal Samy Chair, Orthopedics Unit
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abd El Latif Professor, Department of Radiology
Dr. Ahmed Hamdy Assistant Professor, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation
Dr.Hamdy Ibrahim Assistant Professor and Director of Quality Assurance Unit
Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Abdel Rehim Lecturer, Department of Ophthalmology
Members from Outside
Dr. Emam Mohamed Sayed Mosa Undersecretary of Health , Fayoum
Dr. Awad Soliman Daoud Member, Dentists' Syndicate
Mr. Naglaa hamdy Mohiel-Din Secretary
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