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 Public Hearth and Community Medicine department includes many branches that promote the improvement of life quality across the population. Through the prevention of common diseases and the application of preventive measures at both the individual and community level as well as improving the health care systems it seeks to improve the overall health of the community,

Public Health and Community Medicine entails : Health programs and services, primary health care activities provided at the health care units of the Ministry of Health and Population, Epidemiology of communicable and non communicable diseases, Adequate Healthy Nutrition, Environmental Sanitation – Occupational Health,–and Health education and behavioural science, in addition to health economics and administration in order to improve the health care services and promote health behaviour and practices to achieve better health for all.

Public Health& Community Medicine includes the following major themes:

1. Health services and programs.

2. Epidemiology

3. Environmental Health

4. Occupational Health

5. Clinical Nutrition

6. Research methodology and medical statistics

7. Health management and Health system and economics

8. Demography and population health

Public Health and Community Medicine is considered a clinical science department in the Faculty of Medicine and is taught to the fourth year under-graduate students as well as post-graduate students (Master degree –Medical doctorate degree). The curriculum has both a theoretical and a practical part including field visits.

The department includes (12) staff members, (1) Professor, (2) Associate professor, (5) lecturers, (2) Assistant lecturers and (2) administrators.

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